As the release date to the season finale of Total Drama Action is revealed (December 3rd for Teletoon and most likely December 10th for CN) Im sure one question is on everyone's mind. No, I'm not talking about who will win. The question I'm referring to is are Gwen and Trent going to get back together or is it really the end. Needless to say I want them back together more than anybody but I haven't really seen any good evidence to back it up. I mean take Nikki and Jonsey for example, when they broke up they still had a couple of cute moments together that hinted that they would get back together. For Trent and Gwen however there hasn't been much. The only things were that Gwen and Trent forgave each other in Aftermath II (although I would like to note Trent couldn't even look at Gwen until Geoff nearly had her go into that pirahna tank) and that they were sitting next to each other in Aftermath III. Other than that there's nothing. Also let's not forget that it was revealed in Aftermath II how many fans he was getting ever since the breakup. He would most likely lose a lot of them if he got back together with Gwen assuming they're all girls who want to be his new girlfriend. Tru most of them are about as crazy as Izzy but there are probably a few normal ones in the bunch. Do u honestly think Trent would give up his new found popularity? Finally there's the fact that, while Gwen has been confirmed to return as a competitor to Total Drama the Musical, Trent won't be competing. You really can't have any couple moments if a couple are separated. Again I would up my PS3 to get them back together but I doubt it'll happen. So go ahead and comment if u think they will get bak together and y.

P.S. You must have a solid reason. For example, If u think it won't happen, it cant be because you would rather c Gwen and Duncan hook up. Thank you.

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