Ok maybe Im just looking into this to much, but Im starting to think CN did the only thing that could make them worse then they already are and pulled the plug on showing the Total Drama series. And I dont just mean showing TDM in the near future but not showing TDI and TDA anymore too. In case no one has noticed since the TDA finale aired a month ago CN hasnt been airing any reruns whatsoever(with the exception to the Rock n Rule episode that aired New Year's Eve). They replaced both its Tuesday and Thursday timeslots with other shows. And although granted its nice to c Teen Titans bak, it concerns me. Ive even checked zap2it and according to them there r now episodes of TDA airing in the next two weeks. And keep in mind that thats the minimum. To add to this Ive even heard a rumor yesterday that CN has stopped airing Stoked due to poor ratings in the states. (though it was their mistake to move it from Thursday to Tuesday with almost no heads up to the audience). I kno TDI and TDA has been a huge sucess but y else would they stop showing their most important show?

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