Ok firstly I would like to say that this is my first ever blog so I would like you to go easy on me. As you may or may not have seen someone (Im pretty sure Freehugs41 who btw congratz on winning the election) created a new forum called Fattie Gwen 09-99. This forum was made as a joke about the DxC fans who hate Gwen simply because they believe she is attempting to steal Duncan from Courtney. Within the forum people joke by calling Gwen "phat" using poor spelling. there is even a userbox that you could add. When I discovered this page I said to all of them that they should all be ashamed of themselves and that it was their fault Gwen's reputation is in the toilet right now. Freehugs told me it was a joke and because I unintentionally cussed on the forum I was banned for the past 3 days. I only recently was regained access to the wiki. I've wanted to say this for the past couple of days and now that my banishment has been lifted I can. I will admit I do regret using the word I used, in retrospect I probably would've got my point across if I simply said idiots. But I do not regret anything else I said. Maybe its because I can't take a joke, especially when it involves G-Girl, (Gwen) and I have been really angered about they unjust way she was eliminated, how she lost TDA, Trent, most of her friends and fans and dignity and how I think its a disgrace how people are treating her nowadays. I actually have feelings for her (I know she is a fictional character dont judge me) and I just like to see her happy and want whats best for her but now because of Justin and this whole Gwen-Courtney thing she is sad, lonely and miserable. And I find that, even as a joke, this Fattie Gwen forum is just going to add fuel to the fire and is hurtful to G-Girl.

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