Only four days left until the big season premiere and as we all know is the first season the vets will compete with the rookies. Of course that also means it's the first time they'll also get to interact with each other. So since while most people are doing elimination order, I thought I would think outside the box and write on the characters I want to see interact the most.

WARNING! This may contain spoilers so read with caution.


Lemme start with the most obvious first. Most of the cameos in ROTI were pitiful at best Heather and Lindsay were the only two who had good ones. Heather will be sticking around at least until whenever Alejandro gets out of the robot suit and probably longer still. The S4 cast are all ready well aware of her nature and if they weren't before, then their first encounter certainly changed that. Will she befriend anyone? Probably not. Will she gain more enemies? Most likely. Who that will be would most likely Zoey, Mike and Lightning.

Zoey and Mike

I thought I would pair these guys together as it's a pretty safe assumption that whoever becomes one of these two's friend/enemy will become the other's and probably Cameron's too. Given that Mike's alternate personas are confirmed to return that right there is going to get attention. What kind of attention will vary, but he'll get attention nevertheless. Most people who hate Zoey hate her because she lacks personality (I'm not one of them and I believe that that can be debatable but I digress), so what better way to show she has a personality then by befriending other contestants to flush out her character further. A lot of people have already theorized from the commercials that she and Courtney become friends and all honesty I can see that as a strong possibility.


I've already discussed my opinions on the Gwen's team placement but the other big reason I dislike Gwen being on the villains team and severely hope that she eventually hope she is moved onto the Hamsters is because I want her to befriend new characters. I don't think Jo, Lightning or Scott will care about Gwen to much. But Zoey, Mike and Cameron are completely different stories. As a matter of fact after Dawn, Zoey was the newb I most wanted to befriend Gwen but being on seperate teams hurts that and if Courtney gets to her first then her odds decrease further especially since Zoey could sympathize with her given the love triangle issues she had last season. Granted we can't really blame Mike for Vito's actions and Zoey is a far more understanding person than Courtney but it's still something that concerns me.

Well that's pretty much everyone I'm most interested about. Comment your thoughts on who you want to see interact.

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