For the past 18 hours(give or take) Ive seen nothing but who people r voting and people telling others who to vote for. I just want to kno am I the only one who wants to kno what's going to happen between Gwen, Trent, Duncan and Courtney. I understand that this is the finale and we get to pick who wins, but let's be honest here we all know that Duncan is going to win. I don't like the idea as I think Beth deserves it more but it's obviously going to be a big popularity contest and its obvious who is the more popular of the two. As a matter of fact Duncan currently has 78% of the vote. Face it, no matter how much convincing you try to do, Duncan won and Beth lost(for more info see my previous blog). I would like to remind you all that not only is next week the finale, but Trent isn't going to be competing in TDM, so this is it. If Gwen and Trent don't get back together next week it will truly be all over between them. Also, I would like to note more hinting towards the DxG relationship as Gwen was the only person Duncan knew anything about. I dont think even Trent knows what kind of guitar her brother has or her favorite band(Am I the only one who sees the irony in that). Meanwhile, with Courtney although Duncan knew the name of her band, he didnt get the question about what color she was thinking right. It's stupid I know but knowing Courtney she's obviously going to yell at Duncan about that. Again I know who wins is important and should be the focus right now, but cant we at least make 70-30? 

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