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Season 5 Episode 1 Script

Perapin January 25, 2012 User blog:Perapin

Hey guys, as you know Season 4 has started in Canada, but the question is is there going to be a Season 5? Well last year Christain Potenza leaked some BIG NEWS on Season 5, the theme is Heroes vs Villains, so I made a script of the first episode. NOTE: This is not official, this is FAN-MADE!



Chris: Welcome to Total Drama, after 4 seasons we still continue to give you the most action-packed season yet, because this time were mixing the old cast with the new one, causing new relationships, more alliances and more.... DRAMA!

  • Bus drives on screen
  • Dawn steps out of the bus

Chris: Welcome back our Nature Freak, Dawn!

Dawn: Wow, i'm so glad to be here for another season, this is so amaz-

Chris: Hush, hush- we have alot to go through today.

  • Noah steps out of the bus

Noah: *sigh* Another season, how fun.

Chris: Hey Noah, how have you been?

Noah: Well, if you must know I got an award for being the best in-

  • Chris shoves Noah

Chris: Moving on...

  • Ezekiel steps out of the bus, fully recovered

Ezekiel: Hey!

Chris: What happened? I thought you turned into a freak-ish goblin thing?

Ezekiel: Well, after last season I was in the hospital for a few months, the doctors injected me with this type of antidote, and in about a few weeks I recovered and now I am back and in it to win it!

Chris: Very touching.... Moving on....

  • Brick and Jo step out of the bus


Brick: Ma'am I was here first

  • Brick and Jo continue to struggle out of the bus, until Ann Maria both pushes them

Ann Maria: Outta my way losers

Chris: Jo, Brick and Ann Maria everybody!

  • Brick and Jo stare at each other furiously while the join the rest of the contestants
  • Izzy steps out of the bus


Chris: Yeeeahhhh, go join the other contestants

  • Eva steps off the bus

Chris: Eva! Great to back isn't it?


  • Eva shoves Chris, while walking to the other contestants
  • All of the arrived contestants apart from Izzy and Noah back away

Izzy: Hey Eva! How have you been?

  • Eva gives Izzy a mean look

Izzy: Woah, woah calm down

  • Camera goes back to Chris while he is dusting himself off*
  • Mike and Zoey steps off the bus looking at each other*
  • Mike and Zoey continue to look at each other*

Chris: Hello? Heeelllloo?

Zoey: What??

Chris: *sigh* Just stand over there

  • Zoey and Mike walk over to the other contestants
  • Beth steps off the bus

Beth: Oh my gosh! Hey everyone!

Chris: Welcome back Beth

  • Beth walks over to the group of contestants while in a good mood
  • Staci steps off the bus

Staci: Did you know that my great great uncle Bob created Buses, yah, before then you had to walk to places in groups

Chris: Ok?

  • Staci walks over to the contestants in a happy mood*
  • Staci is about to talk

Noah: I don't want to hear it

  • Staci then has a sad look on her face
  • Gwen and Duncan both step of the bus kissing
  • Chris stare at them awkwardly, while they are walking pass Gwen waves

Chris: Okay??

  • Heather steps off the bus, with long hair as seen in TDI

Heather: Back for another season aye? And look new faces, how sweet

  • Sierra steps off the bus

Sierra: OMG! Hey Chris! Skip the introduction, WHERE'S CODY!?!?

Chris: Sadly, he won't be competing this season!

Sierra: WHAT!?

  • Sierra grabs Chris by the shirt

Sierra: I'll do anything! ANYTHING!

  • Chef walks by grabbing Sierra and then tossing her by the other contestants
  • Sam steps off the bus playing his on his console

Sam: Heh, heh Hey Chris!

Chris: Welcome back Sam!

  • While Sam walks to the other contestants Chris grabs his console

Sam: WHAT!? No! I need that!

Chris: Sorry Sam, that's the rules

  • Sam walks over to Heather

Heather: Eww, get away from me loser!

Chris: Last but not least..... LINDSAY!

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, Hi Cory! Hi TV World!

Chris: Um, it's Chris

Lindsay: Is Tyler here?

Everyone: NO!!

  • Lindsay has a sad look on her face

Chris: Great, now that we've met this season's contestants, it's time to explain how things work this season.

  • Scene switches
  • Chris appears in front of two large RV's

Chris: This is were you'll be staying for the next month

Izzy: Oh my gosh! Caravans? How cool?

Noah: What is this? A family vacation?

Heather: I agree with Dorko over here, didn't we already travel the world in Season 3?

Chris: HEY! You try thinking of new ideas for seasons, besides... you won't be traveling the world... you will be traveling the COUNTRY!

Sam: Well that sounds lame

Chris: Zip it! You'll be in two different teams, Heroes and Villains.

Beth: Ooh Ooh! Can me and Lindsay be on the heroes team?

Chris: Maybe, anyways, me and the producers picked you because some of you showed teamwork, kindness and dedication and some of you showed us your cruel and evil ways

Gwen: Come on, Heather isn't that bad

  • Heather gives Gwen a mean look

Chris: Ok, when I call out your name please stand over here, Beth, Dawn, Izzy, Gwen, Brick, Sam, Mike and Zoey aaaaannd Lindsay

Lindsay: Yay!

Chris: You guys are now known as the heroes!

  • Heroes Team cheers

Chris: Now, Noah, Duncan, Eva, Heather, Sierra, Jo, Staci, Ezekiel and Ann Maria, please stand over there. You guys are known as the Villains!

  • Villains team rambles about why they were put on that team

Chris: Ok, quiet down!

  • Rambling stops

Sierra: Why was I put on the villains Chris?


Sierra: Oh...

Chris: Now these are your RV's, Me and Chef will be driving you to our destinations throughout the season. One RV for the boys, one RV for the girls

Duncan: HEY! Why is there one better then ours!?

Chris: Because, we just felt like it

  • Duncan grunts
  • Tyler comes running from a distance
  • Tyler worn out

Tyler: I.... I made it!

Chris: What are you doin- *sigh* Fine, go stand over there

  • Tyler joins the Heroes Team

Lindsay: Oh my gosh! Tyler!

  • Lindsay has a excited look on her face*

Tyler: Hey Babe!

Chris: Excuse me.... I was talking

  • Everyone stares at Chris

Chris: Ok, I will driving in the Girls RV

  • Girls cheer

Chris: While Chef... drives the Boys RV....

  • Guys moan

Chris: Ok, I'm going to let you unpack your stuff and then we can start our first challenge

  • Scene switches
  • Scene takes place in RV
  • Dawn is seen unpacking her stuff

Gwen: Hey Dawn!

Dawn: Hey!

Gwen: Need any help unpacking?

Dawn: No thanks, I'm good

  • Noah is seen walking into the Girls RV

Noah: *Noah with a shocked look on his face* You guys get a hot tub?

Gwen: Yes, why?

Noah: The only thing our RV has that's any good is an AC

Dawn: Bummer

  • Noah walks off the bus while sighing
  • Scene switches
  • Scene takes place in Boys RV
  • Brick is seen unpacking

Duncan: So Brick, what was it like last season?

Brick: Well, apart from the food, the cabins, the challenges, everything was pretty ok

Duncan: I hear ya

  • Duncan is seen walking off
  • Scene switches to Noah in the bed area of the RV

Sam: I get TOP BUNK!

  • Sam leaps on Noah shoulders leaping to top bunk

Noah: Hey! I bruise really easily!

Sam: Heh heh.... Sorry! Feel free to play on my Nintendo any time you want

Noah: I'll pass...

  • Ezekiel walks in the Boys RV

Noah: Hey Ezekiel, what was it like being a feral monster thing?

Ezekiel: Well eh, I dunno, bad I guess?

Noah: Wow, that surely answers everything

  • Ezekiel scratches his head because he doesn't understand Noah's sarcasm
  • Scene switches to the Girls RV
  • On screen it shows Tyler and Lindsay making out

Beth: Hey Lindsay! Ermmm Ummm....

  • Beth awkwardly steps away*

Heather: Well, well... Looks like you lost your best friend

Beth: What do you mean?

Heather: Now that the jock is back, Lindsay won't have anymore time for you anymore, you should find a way on how to get rid of him

  • Heather walks away, the camera zooms on Beth thinking
  • Scene switches
  • Chris standing outside both the RV's

Chris: Buckle up everyone! Our first challenge awaits us!

  • Scene switches
  • The first challenge takes place in a empty desert, with large rocks

Chris: Ok, your first challenge is easy, make your way to the finish line while making your way through the field of cactuses

Jo: That seems too easy

Chris: ....WHILE carrying a large bucket of water!

Jo: Really?!

Chris: The team with the most water wins!

  • Camera zooms in on Eva*

Eva: You guys better not lose this for me!

  • Camera zooms in on Noah*

Noah: I don't think I can hold this for much longer!

Jo: *sigh* Fine, I'll carry your bucket then...

Noah: Fine by me!


  • Both teams are seen running into the cactus field*

Lindsay: Ow! These pickles are pointy!

  • Heroes team sighs*
  • Izzy is seen sprinting through, camera pans out, Izzy is seen out of the cactus field, but then collapses because she is covered in cactus spikes, it is seen that her bucket of water is empty*

Gwen: No! Come on Izzy! Get up!

Izzy: *Izzy tries to speak, but mumbles out unknown words*

  • Gwen sighs
  • Sierra is seen quickly moving throughout the cactus field


  • Sierra is seen pushes the Villains team members, Sierra is quickly followed by the rest of her team, she picks up Izzy when she makes her way out

Sierra: We're GOING TO MAKE IT!

  • Beth has a flashback about Heather telling her about Lindsay and Tyler
  • She "accidentally" trips over a rock

Beth: Oops!

  • Sierra and rest of the Heroes team is seen at the finish line, with most of their water in their buckets

Dawn: Come on Beth! You can make it!

Beth: I.... I can't!

  • The villains team quickly rushes pass Beth and crosses the finish line
  • Chris checks both teams buckets of water, Heroes lose because of Izzy and Beth losing their water

Chris: Villains win!

  • Villains team cheers
  • Scene switches
  • Scene takes place still in the desert, the Heroes team is been outside an RV, they stare at Beth with an angry look

Beth: Hey, it's not my fault I tried my best!

Dawn: Guys, no need to be mad! It could have happened to anyone

Heather: Yeah, I totally agree

Gwen: Heather agreeing with someone besides herself? Somethings up...

  • Scene switches
  • Beth is seen in the Girls RV*

Heather: Nice work out there! You know what? We should form an alliance!

Beth: *Beth thinks for about a few seconds* Umm, sure! *Beth looks scared and nervous*

Heather: Great! Tonight we vote off Tyler!

  • Scene switches
  • Chris is in the Girls RV with the Heroes team*

Chris: Wow, I'm shocked, I really thought you guys were going to win!

Sam: So, do we get our marsh mellows or what?

Chris: This season Chef made something special! His very own trail mix!

Heroes Team: Trail mix?

Chris: Yes, if you get get a pack of trail mix you are safe for now...

Chris: Ok, Izzy... Lindsay... Dawn.... Brick.... Gwen.... Sam.... Mike AND Zoey

  • Each contestant is given a bag of trail mix when their name is called out
  • Mike and Zoey hug each-other

Chris: Beth, you lost your teams challenge, because you tripped over a rock at the last minute, and Tyler, you didn't do anything bad really!

Tyler: YEAH! So does that mean I'm still in?

Chris: Actually... no, your out... cya!

Tyler: WHAT!?

Chris: I know! I was shocked to!


Tyler: So? Is that it?

Chris: Nope! Time to take the cannon of losers! This particular cannon will shoot you into the sunset and safely back home!

Tyler: Well, that sounds safe

Chris: Yeah, we had a couple of interns try it out

Tyler: Aaand?

Chris: I dunno, we haven't heard back from them yet...

  • Tyler has a nervous look on his safe
  • Scene changes to Tyler in a cannon and Chris holding a button which will activate it

Chris: Any last words?

Tyler: Not really

  • Chris presses button, which activates the cannon, Tyler is seen screaming off into the sunset
  • Scene changes to Heather in the girls RV
  • Beth walks on

Beth: How did you get everyone to vote of Tyler instead of me?

  • Heather looks nervous

Heather: Ummmmm.... a magician never reveals her secrets?

  • Beth gives Heather a mean look

Heather: Fine.... A switched the votes to all saying Tyler!

Beth: WAIT, so that means everyone voted for me!?

Heather: Yup, you better start working at your hardest now, I can't always save your butt from elimination, or else they'll know something's up

  • Jo is seen overhearing their conversation
  • Scene changes to Chris standing outside both RV's late at night

Chris: I guess this wraps up our first episode. See ya next on Total Drama HEROES VS VILLAINS.....


So, what do you think? Do you like the plot so far? Comment below

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