So we know that TDRI has ended and it won't be long until Season 5, or that new show they are making which is coming out. Anyways, my plans are.....

  • Watch the rest of the season of Survivor: One world.

I didn't really know that there was a current season going on, but I always use to watch Survivor when I was younger, and it's simaler to Total Drama. But the thing that really stinks is that in New Zealand, we have to wait 4 days to get the lastest episode after it airs in America.

  • Re-watch some episodes of World Tour

World Tour was my favorite season, and I have already found myself watching a couple of episodes already.

  • Play some Minecraft

I love Minecraft, I am currently working on my Peaceful Map, it's gonna be epic!

And that's about it, does anyone know any cool games/shows to watch? :S

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