• Perapin

    So we know that TDRI has ended and it won't be long until Season 5, or that new show they are making which is coming out. Anyways, my plans are.....

    • Watch the rest of the season of Survivor: One world.

    I didn't really know that there was a current season going on, but I always use to watch Survivor when I was younger, and it's simaler to Total Drama. But the thing that really stinks is that in New Zealand, we have to wait 4 days to get the lastest episode after it airs in America.

    • Re-watch some episodes of World Tour

    World Tour was my favorite season, and I have already found myself watching a couple of episodes already.

    • Play some Minecraft

    I love Minecraft, I am currently working on my Peaceful Map, it's gonna be epic!

    And that's about it, does …

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  • Perapin

    Hi guys,

    Sam here, today I want to show you some very good news, a few weeks back there was a panel at Comic Con, in Toronto, and a user (on Youtube), by the name of "ysuron123", uploaded a video when he went there, and in the video there is footage of the panel, but not much of it, but he told what they said there, and this is what he said...

    He mentions that they didn't really mention anything about Season 5, but he said that they are working on a new show, in the SAME style as Total Drama, but the two characters are based of the voice actors voicing them.

    This might relate to this video Christian Potenza uploaded a while back, mainly because he says that he says "we're working on a cartoon that you'll probably never see", and he shows the …

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  • Perapin

    A few weeks back I tweeted to Juila Chantry asking her if Eva makes an apperance in Season 5, a few hours ago she tweeted back to me saying the following.... "Unfortunately, Eva's anger issues lead to the assault of a sound engineerm"

    If you want proof, here you go...

    I am not sure if she is kidding or not but to me she sounds serious.

    Sorry Eva fans, I know there is some of you out there (I am one :P)

    If you think I photo-shopped it go to her profile to see for yourself.

    Anyways, from how I see it, it's most likely that no EVERY contestant will return in Season 5, but I could be wrong.

    So, ummmm, yeah.... comment below? :P

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  • Perapin

    Hey guys, as you know Christian is having a "secret project" going on,

    If you watch his video he says there will be a studio for the Animation Nation Army, he said he will be having loads more prizes, contestants and speical guests (I hope he can interview Peter Oldring, The voice of Ezekiel)

    So what are most excited about? And also, what kind of prizes and speical guests should be on the show, also Christian said on his Youtube Channel he will be posting videos every couple of days, that is SO awesome, I love watching his videos, he always makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch them.

    Also, I am not sure if you know him but Zobe (Link) said he will also be working with Christian, which is su…

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