There seems to be a lot of speculation as to how the next season of Total Drama will work out. However, this blog is designed to offer an opinion on each character's odds of even participating in the season. I've ranked each character with the top 9 being confirmed characters.

Now we already know that Heather, Courtney, Sierra, Lightning, Duncan, Cameron, and Mike will play some role in the next season. Also, Owen and Dawn have been sorta confirmed to be in the season. For the sake of convenience, I'm gonna say that all of the characters will be contestants in the next season. Also, I'm gonna say that there are gonna be 14 contestants this season.  Since this is Heroes vs. Villains, we'll put Owen, Dawn, Cameron, and Mike on the Heroes team and the rest on the Villains team. Some people I have seen put Sierra on the Heroes team but my justification is that she blew up Chris' plane so Chris would probably make her a villain for that.  This leaves 3 villains and 2 heroes to be determined. Also we need 3 girls and 2 boys. Let's begin

Characters with low chances:

39. Mr. Coconut- Kinda obvious

38. Blaineley- Was only character not seen in Season 4. As far as I'm concerned, she's MIA

37/36. Katie and Sadie- You can't have one without the other making their odds higher. Also very little known about the two. Their chance of development gets smaller each season and I believe the writers have given up on them.

35. Ezekiel- Even if he wasn't feral he could hardly be considered an Allstar. Finishing dead last each season isn't exactly noteworthy.

34. Staci- Same boat as Zeke but she isn't feral

33. Eva- May be surprised to see her so low but with the emergence of Jo, Eva is overshadowed. There is only room for 1 villainous girl and I think even Anne Maria would have a better chance.

32. Beth- Fame to shame is one season as she hasn't competed in two seasons after nearly winning TDA. I think she had her chance in TDWT where she nearly won an opportunity to return to the game. After a string of nearlys, Beth will finally get her no. As in not participating.

31. Sam-  Hard to say he's an Allstar after hardly focusing on the game during his stay. Is he a hero or villain? i don't think the writers will waste a spot on someone with so much uncertainty.

30. Tyler- Oh Tyler. As much as i like you, there is too much going against you. You appear to be comedic relief more than anything. And as much as would like to see you interact with a real athlete (Lightning), you have never made it to the merge. Not exactly Allstar material

29. Noah- Definitely the fan favorite, basically the non athlete version of Tyler. Comedic relief, never made it past the merge. Yada yada also there is a blog that says you're not coming back. So there's that

28. Anne Maria- I would like to see her but with only one spot left for a villainous girl and Jo looming, I don't see it.

27. Dakota-  I think she could have become a good villain and appears to be one of the few characters that understands how to play the game, but I think her relationship with Sam has softened her. She's not a villain or a hero. There's nowhere to put her.

26. Brick- I think Brick could compete in this season. However, if he came back he would be the last heroic guy in the season. That would make Owen the only heroic guy not from Season 4. That seems bizarre to have an Allstar season with three guys coming from one season. Unfortunately, the numbers hurt Brick's odds.

25. Cody- My first bold prediction in my mind. I think they want to develop Sierra and if Cody returned that would ruin everything. That's about the only thing working against Cody but it seems huge in my book.

24. Harold- I see it being odd to keep him out, but there are some things that bother me. He didn't have a cameo in Season 4 after being in the first three seasons. He was eliminated quickly in Season 3. Also, I can't think of anything that would make either a hero or villain. Sorry Brian Froud, looks like you're out of luck this season.

23. Leshawna- Of all the characters I don't believe will return, i think she has the best chance. However, she shares many of the same issues with Harold. Bottomline, there are other characters who are heroic or villainous than Leshawna.

Characters I'm clueless on:

22/21. Alejandro/Scott- I think we are all wondering what is going with those two. The way I see if they are healthy, they should for sure be in as there are the two most villainous characters in the show. However, I gonna continue this blog as if they are injured.

Characters with good chances:

20. Gwen- She really could a villain or a hero but she is definitely an Allstar after appearing in the fourth most episodes. She came back in Season 4. I could see coming back in Season 5. Expect an earlier elimination from her or Duncan though as couples don't last long in TD.

19. B- Even though I would say he isn't an Allstar, Dawn returning gives him hope. You may say this is the same case as Brick if he returned but there is something more intriguing about B's character. It is completely unknown. He could turn into the next Justin, only effective. So much development can come from this guy. But again the numbers. i still could definitely see him though.

18. Izzy- My fav, but I don't know where to put her. Though the writers have always found a way to include her, bringing her back twice for unnecessary reasons. She is the ultimate comedic relief as she appears only interested in tormenting Chef.  However, she has made the merge and had one of the first cameos in Season 4. Her Allstar status is undeniable.

17. Geoff- I really don't like this guy, but he has some things going for him. Made it deep in the game in TDI, showed his villainous nature in the Aftermath shows. I think if the writers were looking for a surprise guy to put on the Villains team, this would be the pick.

16. Justin- The only antagonist not injured or confirmed.  His character appears to have gone back to the way he was in TDI but if you are an antagonist on this show, your odds are always looking good

15. Trent- Not much of this guy shown but he is a Hero. Most people wanna see him compete against Duncan and Gwen like before and give him his redemption and I agree I definitely see this as a possibility. He also shares his voice actor with Owen. Whether they consider him an Allstar is my question.

14. Lindsay- I think numbers might end up getting the best of her but it is hard to not say she has the creditials to return. To the merge twice, Final 5 finish (if one doesn't count Owen's return), cameo in Season 4. I like her to return but they may see her as comedic relief which could be good or bad for her.

13. Bridgette- She has to be tied with Zoey as the nicest contestant in the game. Cameo in Season 4, made it to the merge. Everything looks positive for her return.

12. DJ- Lot going towards the big guy. Cameo in Season 4, made it to the merge, nicest guy in the game, shares voice actor with Chef. Lookin' good DJ, lookin' good.

11. Jo- The only character I've really mentioned earlier and with good intention. She is the best candidate for being the final female villain if there is one, she's made it to the merge. Possible best argument is that her voice actress is one of the writers. Given her villainous nature and "connections" it seems almost like a given.

10. Zoey- i think with Mike's confirmation her participation in this season became almost inevitable. There is a lack of heroic women and she may be the nicest character is TD. The only thing I worry is that there is too many Season 4 characters already confirmed. Other than that, I think she is golden

Welp there it is. Now I shall give what I see the cast being

Heroes- Owen, Dawn, Mike, Cameron, Bridgette, Zoey, DJ

Villains- Sierra, Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Lightning, Geoff, Jo   

Please leave your opinions in the comments. Thank you :)

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