Hi! Been here for over a year but I barely know alot of you and wanna know what's yoour story of how you got into Total Drama. Here's mine. Once I was visiting at my dad's like 5 years ago and then just questioned myself to what I was watching my first episode Not So Happy Campers part 2. Then I just got hooked during the summer I started out with Gwen an Tyler being my favorites and started shipping couples like crazy mostly Gwen/Trent and Lindsay/Tyler. Then I watched episodes on youtube saw brief clips of episodes that haven't even aired in America at that time. I was up till where Trent got voted out my favorite episode also. The first season was definitely my favorite though I was disappointed when Gwen didn't win in my country. Second season it was ok to me though I was sliding between the scales with the whole Gwen and Trent drama, and alot of people's annoyance with Bridgette and Geoff constantly making out (unpopular opinion: I just laughed everytime) I did like the Aftermath episodes though except when Geoff was a jerk for a few of them. Also I liked many of Izzy's many aliases (however you spell it) I mainly liked when Courtney returned cause it brought on alot of drama with her being an antagonist. I wasn't too big on this season but not a necessary dislike to it. I missed out on Season 3 but I've hear things about it I only saw Bridgette Over Troubled Water, it was ok but I loved Bridgette's solo but I felt really bad for her there. I saw Season 4 I thought these contestants were ok I only liked Dawn, Zoey an Mike I missed the originals but I was glad to see some cameo appearances from people like Lindsay, Bridgette, etc. I was hoping in my country Cameron would win however. LEt's hear your story!

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