1. On a scale of 1 to 10 10 being the highest how would you rate Total Drama?

2. Did you like Season 1?

3. Did you like Season 2?

4. Did you like Season 3?

5. Did you like Season 4?

6. Screaming Gophers or Killer Bass?

7. Screaming Gaffers or Killer Grips?

8. Team Amazon, Team Victory or Team Chris Is Really Really Hot?

9. Who's your favorite generation 1 guy?

10. Who's your favorite generation 2 guy?

11. Who's your favorite generation 1 girl?

12. Who's your favorite generation 2 girl?

13. What's your favorite episode?

14. Who's your generation 1 OTP?

15. Who's your generation 2 OTP?

16 Got any crackships?

17. Are you excited for Season 5?

18. What are your hopes for Season 5?

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