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  • I live in Michigan
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is Letting anime take my life
  • I am Female
  • ParcyDriancfan778

    1. On a scale of 1 to 10 10 being the highest how would you rate Total Drama?

    2. Did you like Season 1?

    3. Did you like Season 2?

    4. Did you like Season 3?

    5. Did you like Season 4?

    6. Screaming Gophers or Killer Bass?

    7. Screaming Gaffers or Killer Grips?

    8. Team Amazon, Team Victory or Team Chris Is Really Really Hot?

    9. Who's your favorite generation 1 guy?

    10. Who's your favorite generation 2 guy?

    11. Who's your favorite generation 1 girl?

    12. Who's your favorite generation 2 girl?

    13. What's your favorite episode?

    14. Who's your generation 1 OTP?

    15. Who's your generation 2 OTP?

    16 Got any crackships?

    17. Are you excited for Season 5?

    18. What are your hopes for Season 5?

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  • ParcyDriancfan778

    Hi! Been here for over a year but I barely know alot of you and wanna know what's yoour story of how you got into Total Drama. Here's mine. Once I was visiting at my dad's like 5 years ago and then just questioned myself to what I was watching my first episode Not So Happy Campers part 2. Then I just got hooked during the summer I started out with Gwen an Tyler being my favorites and started shipping couples like crazy mostly Gwen/Trent and Lindsay/Tyler. Then I watched episodes on youtube saw brief clips of episodes that haven't even aired in America at that time. I was up till where Trent got voted out my favorite episode also. The first season was definitely my favorite though I was disappointed when Gwen didn't win in my country. Seco…

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  • ParcyDriancfan778

    I am so excited! So far I've seen bits an pieces of Revenge of the Island and chosen who I like and don't like. But now I'm going for the gold on this just to really see if I like it or not. I feel like I did when Season 1 came to the US and honestly nothing can compare to season 1, like how everyone was and the couples all 6 of them. Season 2 I hated yet it was addictive. I mainly saw this season for TDA aftermath. I didn't watch so much of season 3 but I knows lots about it. I also heard the songs. I also am gonna see this one. I was at first disappointed about no contestants returning but I think some of the newbies are cool.

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