Ezekiel Is The Best (SATIRE)

    February 10, 2011 by PPPSSC

    Certainly, this character is the greatest character of all. He got voted off first in the first season; therefore he is AMAZING and as a result deserves to win. I like all of his characterization except for his sexist comments, behaving arrogantly, going after the money, making stupid mistakes, being treated like crap for no reason, dropping the stick, being turned into a zombie, and the fact that he got voted off first again.

    Clearly, Ezekiel is a better person than all of the others. The only reason no one agrees is because the writers didn't give him all the traits in his bio. After all, the show mentions Noah's older siblings all the time, so why couldn't it have mentioned Ezekiel's eight languages? He was in two episodes of Total Drama …

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