What?! Cody didn't win TDWT?! THIS CAN'T BE!!! HE HAD THE MOST VOTES!!! HOW DID HE LOSE?! HE SHOULD HAVE WON! THIS IS (beep) (beep)!!!! Every season, we get to vote for who from the finalists we want to win. The votes were as followed:
Do you think Cody will win? Yes: 70%, No: 30%
Do you think Heather will win? Yes: 40%, No: 60%
Do you think Alejandro will win? Yes: 57%, No: 43%
Last I check, having the most votes in this situation would make you the winner, not the loser! I can't believe this crap! I have voted for Cody all week and for what? To be eliminated again by Heather! Last time in Season 1, he got mauled by a bear that was attracted to the chips he had that Heather made Beth get before throwing them away. This time, Heather distracted him, saying that Sierra was in trouble, so Alejandro, while Cody's guard was down, would shove him into shark infested waters while Cody would then get eaten by a shark while wearing nothing but a coconut bra and a hula skirt. He was so close to the million! And to make it worse, the b!+$^ won! How is the nasty b!+$^ the winner of Total Drama World Tour? She had the least amount of votes! She doesn't deserve the million and neither does Alejandro! The bad guys are supposed to lose, not win! I waited all season for this? This is just a massive "WTF?" moment. I will not stand for this! If anyone was supposed to be burned alive by the lava, it should have been Heather, not Zeke or Al (how they survived, I don't know). Now Cody won't ever win the money, for Season 4 will be using a completely new cast back in Camp Wawanakwa with no one from the original 22 cast or the 3 newcomers returning.
PKMNAdventurer Ready or not, here he comes! Greece cody charge 04:32, November 16, 2010 (UTC)

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