• PKMNAdventurer

    What?! Cody didn't win TDWT?! THIS CAN'T BE!!! HE HAD THE MOST VOTES!!! HOW DID HE LOSE?! HE SHOULD HAVE WON! THIS IS (beep) (beep)!!!! Every season, we get to vote for who from the finalists we want to win. The votes were as followed:
    Do you think Cody will win? Yes: 70%, No: 30%
    Do you think Heather will win? Yes: 40%, No: 60%
    Do you think Alejandro will win? Yes: 57%, No: 43%
    Last I check, having the most votes in this situation would make you the winner, not the loser! I can't believe this crap! I have voted for Cody all week and for what? To be eliminated again by Heather! Last time in Season 1, he got mauled by a bear that was attracted to the chips he had that Heather made Beth get before throwing them away. This time, Heather distracted him, …

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  • PKMNAdventurer

    Hey, this it PKMNAdventurer with some news. I heard about the "Who's Your Doppelganger? Contest" and I thought "That sounds like fun. I would love to participate." The only problem is, I'm above the age limit. It's only for people between 13 and 17. I'm now 20. I wasn't surprised about this, though. I was 18 when the show first aired here in Puerto Rico. But that doesn't mean that I can't relate to the characters, can I? I consider myself, personality wise, as either Cody, for wanting to be in the cool crowd, grew up with a gap in my teeth, and having a thing for Goth girls, or Noah, for being smart, hates sports, and being somewhat sarcastic. As a side note, I actually dressed up as Noah during Halloween 2008, but mainly cause I didn't ha…

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