Hey guys! A deleted YouTube video displayed someone's TDAS predictions, which were arguably one of the worst. I hate to break it to you, Queen Bee Heather (Now known as TheHeatherFan2002), but your prediction was one of the worst! First off, the reasons they were eliminated never make sense! Since when does a person get eliminated just because of getting attacked by a fellow player or wanting to go shopping? But the worst part of the prediction is Heather winning again! What? That's impossible! Heather can't win again because she already won in TDWT (American version only). And I think THF2002 wanted Heather to win because she is his favorite character. Biasing will not help with predictions people. I know that prediction is nearly a year old and that TDAS has ended already, but this is my review of his prediction created in May 2013. No offense, TheHeatherFan, but you should've tried harder on your prediction. 

Do you agree or disagree? Comment below!

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