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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    OK, Total Drama fans. I realized that AnutDraws didn't make a Total Drama parody yet. So, I think I would be very surprised if he made one featuring the hosts and the contestants from all three generations being parodized in odd, quirky, and clever ways.

    AnutDraws is a popular user who makes parodies of cartoons, video games, anime and more. If you do not know who he is, go search him up on DeviantArt and YouTube. Plus, check out some of his parodies before an idea of AnutDraws doing a parody of Total Drama pops in your head.

    If AnutDraws did a parody of the Total Drama series, who would be the parodies of the TD characters?

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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    Can you guys imagine if Total Drama was made in the 1980's? If so, tell me your scenario! What would the setting be? Which company would produce the series? Airdates? The animation? How the characters act? Relationships? Challenges? Seasons?

    Let me know in the comments section by making your scenario! This blogpost was inspired by a page in Scratchpad with a similar name by Icekid1994.

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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    Hey guys! A deleted YouTube video displayed someone's TDAS predictions, which were arguably one of the worst. I hate to break it to you, Queen Bee Heather (Now known as TheHeatherFan2002), but your prediction was one of the worst! First off, the reasons they were eliminated never make sense! Since when does a person get eliminated just because of getting attacked by a fellow player or wanting to go shopping? But the worst part of the prediction is Heather winning again! What? That's impossible! Heather can't win again because she already won in TDWT (American version only). And I think THF2002 wanted Heather to win because she is his favorite character. Biasing will not help with predictions people. I know that prediction is nearly a year …

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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    OK, since the majority of the people on this wiki hated season 5, while a few others liked it (no offense to season 5 fans), here is a list of things that I would rather do than watch that abomination of a season called TDAS ever again:

    1. Eat snakes and glue
    2. Watch paint dry on a wall
    3. Sit in a corner for 2 hours
    4. Watch Marvin Marvin
    5. Jump off a cliff
    6. Feed frogs a mixture of dung and urine
    7. Read a Twilight novel
    8. Look at seizure inducing lights
    9. Read Dipper Goes to Taco Bell
    10. Play any of the Data Design Interactive games
    11. Defecate in a dog food bowl and eat all the excrement up until I faint
    12. Swim in a thunderstorm
    13. Jump inside a thorn bush
    14. Listen to Justin Bieber's Baby
    15. Mess up my hair
    16. Sleep in a desert at night
    17. Live in the Underworld
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