Yeah... so... I just had a lame idea, but I'm gonna do it anyway. :D

Enjoy. :3

There's Mygeto in my bed,

There's Poli in my head (because she quit... so like a memory... yeah)

TD Posters all over the room

Aimers in the pool

I smell like a Duncan's car

DJ passed out in the yard (lol)

Owen on the barbeque

Is that chocolate or poo?

Pictures of Musou

Ended up online

She's screwed

Oh well :B

It's a black top blur

But I'm pretty sure it ruled

Last Wiki night

Yeah we burned Nalyd's toga's

And we listened to WM obsses about KP

Think we threw up, but I forgot

Last Wiki night

Yeah we made fun of n00bs

And got banned on other wiki's

So we hit the TD Wiki

Last Wiki night

We joined the game Countdown

Mikey beasting on articles

Then had a menage a troll (lol)

Last Wiki night

Yeah I think we broke the rules

Always say we're gonna stop-op


This Wiki night

Do it all again

This Wiki night

Do it all again

Trying to connect the dots

Don't know what to tell Wikia Staff

Think they IP banned me

Nalyd's on the floor

With my favorite party dress (lol)

Warrants out for my ban

Think I need Ishni's chocolate

That was such an epic fail

Last Wiki night

Do it all again






Last Wiki night

Do it all again

Do it all again...

Sucks, right? :D Yeah, whatever, comment. >.<

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