Ok, so yesterday my neighbor had a birthday party. I was invited and we ate and danced and w.e. So that night when I went to sleep, I had a dream about TDR! So the beginning was pretty weird. The TDA Aftermath beginning came on with the same music, except it said TDR and no aftermath. Then the music just shut. It went to a black screen and Chris was shown wearing his darth vadar robe from the TDWT finale. Except there was 1 problem...HE WAS IN ANIME!!!!! Thats right. So while I explain everything keep in mind this was an anime. Then Chris said in a more deeper voice "Total. Drama. Island. Total. Drama. Action. Total. Drama. World Tour. Total.Drama.Reloaded..." Then, "I Wanna Be Famous" played. was playing in an old radio and the signal was scratchy and it felt very eerie. Then 10 TDI and TDWT contestants were shown on the floor. They woke up and and it was clear that Trent, Gwen, Owen, Duncan, Heather, Eva, Geoff, Bridgette, Leshawna, and Courtney were in the season. But there were people next to the 10 people. And they looked very similar to them. For example, Trent had a boy next to him who looked like him but had green pants and a black shirt. It was revealed that there were 10 teams each being a veteran and there similar persom. The episode skipped and the exact same scene when Gwen and Duncan kissed in "I See London" happened except Duncan was Trent. And when Tyler came in on them, was changed to Courtney going in on them. So, Courtney told duncan. It then skipped again to the finale and Trent won! I didn't see how it happened Chris just said that Trent has won and his life was spared.(?) And then I woke up. Yeah I have some weird dreams.

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