Well, as you may have read, Countdown to 10,000 season five has ended. Our winner was decided, and while many may not even care about this season, some even calling it the worst season. However, I believe this should be read to see all of my our struggles in the competition.

So, let us begin.


Following the end of Countdown to 10,000: The All-Stars, Nalyd made a blog about season five of countdown. Breakingmikey was the first to sign up, followed by more. Eventually, Nalyd made another blog about the sign ups.

In the end, our contestants were chosen:

So, I was actually really excited that I have gotten accepted, but was also a little sad about the people who were not. I vowed that I would win for them.

Week One

The contestants were introduced to the game, given their first week. We were placed on the following teams:

The Jammers

  • Bridgette dj10
  • Comic
  • Gary the Gaget Dude
  • JAEditor
  • Jam7
  • Politoed89
  • Uros Bjedov

The Awesomettes

  • Barfy
  • D-Codes
  • ~*~ishni*~*~
  • Mikey
  • Owenandheatherfan
  • Silver
  • TDAwesome15

We all got acquainted with, and Nalyd told us the twist:

This season, when you are voted out, you are not out. After being voted out of the game, you will join Team Redemption. While a member of Team Redemption, you will continue editing. When another player is eliminated, you two will face off in an editing duel. The winner of the editing duel will stay on Team Redemption, the loser is out of the game for good. At a predetermined point, the last person on Team Redemption will return to the game.

The week flied by. Soon, it was time for elimination. Team Jammers had made the lowest edits, their total being 452 edits compared to the Awesomettes total of 707 edits. Due to this, the Jammers were up for elimination.

Many (including myself) were shocked at Mikey and Ishni's editcount, Poli even calling Mikey "WM Jr." Many thought she would win.

Uros then voted first. His vote was for Gary the Gaget Dude. Gary and JAEditor then voted for Jam7, and while it seemed as if Jam7 was going to get eliminated, Jam, AJ, and Poli all voted for Gary. This gave him the most votes.

Gary was the first voted contestant voted off and sent to Team Redemption.

Week Two

The contestants were faced with another week. I was thinking about making an alliance. However, I had no idea with who.

During the week, CD made a shocking comment:

JAE has asked me to inform you, and I quote, "tell Nalyd i quit CountDown cuz i got no time plz".

Nalyd then stated that, due to the rules, JAEditor would not leave the game unless he makes less than zero edits or make zero edits.

At the end of the week, the scores were revealed.

Mikey's edit count continued to shock the audiensce, even causing XoTulleMorXo to state that Mikey is dominating.

The Jammers lost once again, with only a total of 291 edits, not beating the Awesomettes total of 661 edits.

However, there would be no elimination. Due to JAEditor quitting, he made no edits. In addition to this, Jam7 made -4 edits. So, JAEditor and Jam7 were automatically eliminated and sent to Team Redemption to compete with Gary.

The contestants were shocked, mainly the Jammers.

Week Three

The Jammers had a hard time, due to having only four members left. Many were annoyed that Big O and AJ had made so little edits.

While a normal week, when the results were up.

Big O surprsed everyone by making 114 edits. ^_^

At Team Redemption, it was revealed that it was revealed that Gary had only made 1 edit, however, Jam and JAEditor had made zero edits, so one edit was enough to beat them.

D-Coons was also revealed to make zero edits as well, and was sent to Team Redemption, meaning that the Awesommettes had lost their first member.

Week Four

Another normal week... not. The first real twist was introduced into the season.

During the week, Ishni was banned:

20:54, April 27, 2011 Bigez620 (Talk | contribs) blocked *~*~ishni*~*~ (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 3 days (account creation disabled) ‎ (I'm very sorry about this, but you were warned by one of the staff by my attention about your fluffing lately, so sadly, you will get a three day ban. Sorry. D:)

Due to Ishni getting banned by fluffing, there was a bit of controversy between Poli and me. I believed that she got banned because she didn't click minor edit when she made small edits, making it a fluff. However, Poli said that this was an "unwritten rule" and an undeserved ban.

When the results were up, it was revealed that TDAwesome had made zero edits and was automatically eliminated. While it seemed as if Ishni would bee joining him due to her ban, she had luckily made edits before her ban, and was therfore safe.

There was some controversey between Poli and me. I believed that when she made minor edits, she did not click minor edit, therfore it being a fluff. However, Poli stated that that rule is "unwritten" and her ban was "underserved."

When the results were up, it was revealed that TDAwesome had made 0 edits, eliminating him. While Ishni should have joined him, she had made edits before her ban, causing her to be safe.

On Team Redemption, D-Coons beat Gary by two edits.

In the end, TDAwesome15 was eliminated and was going to compete with D-Coons.

Week Five

I did it. I found out who I would include in my alliance. It was simple. I would take the three best editors: Mikey, Ishni, and Poli.

I went on to another wiki and asked Poli if she would be in an alliance with me. Later, I asked Mikey on another wiki. While I asked Ishni, she never replied.

Poli and Mikey agreed, and revealed to me that Ishni, poli and Mikey were already in an alliance. We later invited AJ to be in it. We were then called "The Fabolous Five."

When the results were up, it was revealed that TDAwesome won Team Redemption, so D-Coons was out. In addition, The Jammers lost again.

Since I was apart of the Jammers, I decided to vote for the weakest link: Barfy. My teammates followed, and our weakest link Barfy was sent to Team Redmption.

***Ishni's ban was over

Week Six

WHOO! It was time! Nalyd had revealed that it was now the merge! I was very happy to hear this, and was excited to have made it this far.

Nalyd made a schocking announcement. This week would be a double elimination. The one who makes the least edits is out, and then we vote someone off.

During the week, every time Uros made like five edits, he would brag about it on the comments. It annoyed everyone... mainly me.

So, I plotted against him. I brought together Poli and Mikey on this wiki. We all agreed that we would vote for Uros during the vote-off.

Before TDAwesome could make any edits, he was banned for one week. Due to this, during the end of the week, Barfy had only made 8 edits, however this was enough to beat his editcount of 0 edits.

Silver only made 7 edits, resulting in his elimination. When it was time to vote, Mikey voted for Uros, as we had planned. So did AJ, Ishni and me.

Trying to save himself, Uros said the following:

"You guys just made reveal something to get Bridgette dj10 banned. I kept this secret over 2 months, and I didn't wanna reveal it until now. I saw that he copied 75% of Musou's Character Rankings Userpage. I was shocked when I saw that, and I didn't wanna keep it that long. Sorry. (starts crying)"

No offence Uros, but this made me even more glad that I voted for you. This seemed really hard to believe. :|

Eventually, Uros was eliminated. This left him mad, however, he still had Redemption, which would be his way of revenge, as he says.

Week Seven

Mikey won the challenge, so automatically was safe fom elimination. It was a very normal week, until the end of the week.

When the edits were revealed, Ishni also won immunity for making the most edits, so was safe from elimination.

However, the real shocker was on Team Redemption. While most thought that Uros would win, it was revealed that SILVER beat Uros! So, Silver was able to stay on Redemption, while Uros and Barfy were out.

This shocked the audience.

Many believed that Mikey was dominating, and AJ and me were the worst editors left. This made me a little upset, however, I still did not try to lose the main goal in my mind: Win.


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