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  • Owenandheatherfan

    That's right folks, you heard me, I've been on the wiki for ONE WHOLE YEAR. :3

    It's been a while since I joined the wiki, joining as a complete noob. I had atrocious grammar, and I barely edited. I also left like 3 billion messages on peoples talk-pages, asking to be friends. :p Well, now that that stage is over, I've edited a lot. I've been pretty active, if I say so myself, and I won got third place in Countdown to 10,000 season five!

    Overall, it's been an amazing journey. This wiki is getting dramatic lately, but I just know that when Total Drama: Revenge of the Island airs, everyone will be back to normal and ready to edit. :)

    So, everyone, thanks for an awesome year, and I'll be sticking around for more. :)

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  • Owenandheatherfan


    July 2, 2011 by Owenandheatherfan

    Yeah... so... I just had a lame idea, but I'm gonna do it anyway. :D

    Enjoy. :3

    There's Mygeto in my bed,

    There's Poli in my head (because she quit... so like a memory... yeah)

    TD Posters all over the room

    Aimers in the pool

    I smell like a Duncan's car

    DJ passed out in the yard (lol)

    Owen on the barbeque

    Is that chocolate or poo?

    Pictures of Musou

    Ended up online

    She's screwed

    Oh well :B

    It's a black top blur

    But I'm pretty sure it ruled

    Last Wiki night

    Yeah we burned Nalyd's toga's

    And we listened to WM obsses about KP

    Think we threw up, but I forgot

    Last Wiki night

    Yeah we made fun of n00bs

    And got banned on other wiki's

    So we hit the TD Wiki

    Last Wiki night

    We joined the game Countdown

    Mikey beasting on articles

    Then had a menage a troll (lol)

    Last Wiki night

    Yeah …

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  • Owenandheatherfan


    July 2, 2011 by Owenandheatherfan

    Mhm, I'm back.

    Those worker... people with their accents finally came around and fixed my computer. AND, they did one better by including better speakers and such. :D

    Yeah, I've been inactive fur a while. D: Sorry 'bout that. But now I'm back and I will now continue to troll and be hyper. :D

    Sorry for the short blog, but what else can I say. -_-

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  • Owenandheatherfan

    Well, as you may have read, Countdown to 10,000 season five has ended. Our winner was decided, and while many may not even care about this season, some even calling it the worst season. However, I believe this should be read to see all of my our struggles in the competition.

    So, let us begin.

    Following the end of Countdown to 10,000: The All-Stars, Nalyd made a blog about season five of countdown. Breakingmikey was the first to sign up, followed by more. Eventually, Nalyd made another blog about the sign ups.

    In the end, our contestants were chosen:

    • Uros Bjedov
    • Mikey
    • AJ
    • Bridgettebarf703
    • Comic
    • D-Codes
    • Gary
    • Ishni
    • Jam
    • JAEditor
    • Big O
    • Poli
    • Silver
    • TDAwesome15

    So, I was actually really excited that I have gotten accepted, but was also a little sad about the people w…

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  • Owenandheatherfan

    Whenever I try to change my avatar, it doesn't change at all. Even though the thing at the top says "Your preferences have been saved."

    Then, when I try to change it to the avatars that Wikia gives you (like the flower, the Earth, etc.), it works! So, I tried to change this avatar with a picture of my own... but it just goes back to my Ann Maria picture. :|

    I've never see this before, and it is REALLY ticking me off. >:(

    EDIT: It worked! :D I changed my avatar. :)

    EDIT x2: Aaaaaaaaannnnnnddd it stopped working. :|

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