I know it the title said "one oc" but ill just do all 3 of my OC's

The OC I am talking about here is Eddie. Currently I am going to work on his PJ's outfit

Then I might work on Andrew (2.0 version) and his Pj's

And finally Dantes 2.0 version and Pj's

Eddies 2.5 normal outfit version is a little different. His eyebrows are different, his hat now says Apollo's Chariot, a real rollercoaster name.

I will post there 2.0 versions (not Eddies because I did his before, what the heck ill post his current version which is his 2.1)

Eddie PJ's (pj version 1.0)

eddie pj's

Eddie (2.5 VERSION)

Eddie 2.5

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