In this last blog of Total Drama All-Stars facts and myths I am going through the latest news of total drama all stars, and I will try to predict the new season. It is confirmed that Cartoon Network will have a maraton for TDWT until June 23rd and the almost certain release date is June 24th, for All-Stars. This fact makes, atleast me, very sure about this release date.

                                   My Prediction for the All-Star part of the season:

Episode 1: Jo

Epidode 2: Sam

Episode 3:Alejandro

Episode 4:

Episode 5: Heather

Episode 6: Mike and Zoey

Episode 7: Duncan

Episode 8: Sierra

Episode 9: Cameron

Episode 10: Gwen

Episode 11: Lightning

Episode 12: Lindsay

Episode 13: Scott, I am not sure if he is going to participate, but I believe so.

Winner: Courtney

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