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    In this last blog of Total Drama All-Stars facts and myths I am going through the latest news of total drama all stars, and I will try to predict the new season. It is confirmed that Cartoon Network will have a maraton for TDWT until June 23rd and the almost certain release date is June 24th, for All-Stars. This fact makes, atleast me, very sure about this release date.

    Episode 1: Jo

    Epidode 2: Sam

    Episode 3:Alejandro

    Episode 4:

    Episode 5: Heather

    Episode 6: Mike and Zoey

    Episode 7: Duncan

    Episode 8: Sierra

    Episode 9: Cameron

    Episode 10: Gwen

    Episode 11: Lightning

    Episode 12: Lindsay

    Episode 13: Scott, I am not sure if he is going to participate, but I believe so.

    Winner: Courtney

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    It is really hard to find out the real date for the season to launch ( I still think June 24th is real), but  let us pretend it is the 24th. I have an idea about that thing, look at Total Drama World Tour for example. The Celeberity Manhunt launched in April 6th 2010, and it was some sort of indroduction of Total Drama World Tour. But the real season started at June 21st, so this could be some sort of indroduction. And I find it hard to believe that the cast would join again whitout some trouble.

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    Today I do my first post in this blog, and I am starting to write about what I know about total drama all- stars. One nice thing is this fact: Total Drama All Stars will have premiere at Cartoon Network June 24th. In Teletoon it will be released in November 2013. But one more hidden thing is that Alejandro will probably still be in the season in Episode 3-4. Just look at the released dialog of Chris Mclean. To bad I don't like Alejandro.

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