Hello everyone one I'm OnyxKing and here to explain who is truly to blame on what happened in the between Dave and Sky I know a lot of people are blaming Sky for being a jerk ealier and Dave for not letting her speak up. But it goes way more than that for who is to blame. So if you haven't watch the whole season then I suggest you don't continue reading.

So without further ado let's do this...

Game Theory Style

Okay first in order to find the culprit we need to find the trigger for the first event. Why even though that was past and there was a different reason. Well that only likely not the only reason why Dave was so pissed off it could have also been what happened in the very episode so let's focus on that first part first shall we?

Let's start in Twinning Isn't everything, Why well I'll explain it, it all started when Sammy tricked Amy into eating a poisonious apple which resulted in her elmination and having Sammy posing herself as the evil twin. Amy was so pissed off that she trespassed on the island to get back at her own sister wich triggered Shawn into thinking Amy was zombie at the time because he couldn't tell who's the basterd under all of that see weed and mud. And then we get to during the challenged Shawn was brought back to the challenged by Chef which in oder to avoid elmination Dave had tricked Shawn into thinking the other team are zombies which made Shawn hit Jasmine so hard it pissed her off.

It passed her off so much it changed her oppinion about boys outside of her home country in general. And then we get to the episode where Sky was swapped to the other team. Jasmine comforted Sky with advice based on what happed at the episode where Shawn hit her. But even worse was during the challenge Sky was forced into a choice that which one of them would lead to her downfall by guess who? Jasmine, in order to stay in the game Sky was forced into using the horn which caused Dave to be in danger at the hands of Chef. which had hurted Dave.

Then finaly on the next episode over Dave and Sky both had drank to much of a drink that expired in 1982?! That messed up but why does it matter well I looked up on the effects of food poisoning and I notciced two effects in particular which are ...

  • Signs or symptoms of dehydration — excessive thirst, dry mouth, little or no urination, severe weakness, dizziness, or lightheadedness
  • Neurological symptoms such as blurry vision, muscle weakness and tingling in the arms

That would be that there argument that happend on that episode was also caused by the symptoms of poisoning because they clear can't think cleary as the effects were so strong that not even Scarlett can think cleary and she is one of the smartest contestants out there.

So I have concluded that the first problem was indirecly caused by Sammy/Amy because while Sammy gave Amy the apple that cause her downfall it was Amy who snuck on the island which caused Shawn to go paranoid

But we're not done yet but there was still the other situation which was the Audition Sky which pissed off Dave but that is an easy one as I conclude that Sky is to blame on that for mentioning her boyfriend which knowing Chris the Creep he would use anything he can get his hands on to make people miserable.

But after all it's just a Theory, a Total Drama Theory Tell me what you think in the comments below and tell me if what I missed on my theory that would likely bust this theory.

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