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  • OnyxKing

    We all know about the upcoming Spin offs and some characters return while there will be new ones but I'm focusing what Characters I hope will return for further character development.

    Dave After what happened after the finale he needs to return for redemption from what I remeber from last season he didin't seem that Shawn would be caught in his crossfire when he tried to killed Sky. So what I hope is that they would take advantage of this meaner version of him until his elmination or so where Sky would explain herself to him and he would stop or something.

    Sierra she needs to return so we can see a season of her without being near Cody or Cameron. So we can finally get some character devolpment outside of her creepy self.

    Jo After her perf…

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  • OnyxKing

    Hello everyone one I'm OnyxKing and here to explain who is truly to blame on what happened in the between Dave and Sky I know a lot of people are blaming Sky for being a jerk ealier and Dave for not letting her speak up. But it goes way more than that for who is to blame. So if you haven't watch the whole season then I suggest you don't continue reading.

    So without further ado let's do this...

    Okay first in order to find the culprit we need to find the trigger for the first event. Why even though that was past and there was a different reason. Well that only likely not the only reason why Dave was so pissed off it could have also been what happened in the very episode so let's focus on that first part first shall we?

    Let's start in Twinning I…

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