Hi! This is my own season! Here's the cast! I didnt really want any people that already had a huge affect on the show.























~Elimination Order~

18. Shawn- Shawn and Jasmine were closely working together. They gathered B and Ellody to help vote out the weakest link; Sam or Beth. However, it backfired and Shawn left.

17. Sam- Jasmine was lonely but she worked her butt off in the challenge and that caused B, Beth, and Ellody to appreciate her. They voted off Sam instead.

16. Sky- Sky was highly appreciated for how much she did for the team. This made Stephanie jealous and envious. So out of jealously; she got Eva, Tyler, and DJ to vote off Sky/

15. Topher- Topher was being bratty and causing the team challenges with his camera loving arrogance. So everyone voted him.

The brains get dissolved. Beth and Ellody move to Beauty. Jasmine and B move to Brawn.

14. Taylor- When Ellody and Beth joined in, they were helpful and positive towardds everyone; causing people to gravitate towards them and not wanna pick them off. Katie and Dakota proposed an all girls alliance with them and they accepted. They asked Taylor but she declined so they voted her off.

13. B- B and Jasmine were the two main targets on the new Brawn tribe. They tried to get people to flip but it was clear nobody was open. Knowing it was one or the other, they campaigned against each other but B did not talk so Jasmine's campaign was stronger.

12. Jasmine- The Brawn lost again and Jasmine was voted off due to her possibly connections with the other Brain teammates.

11. Tom- Tom found out about the Katie-Dakota-Ellody-Beth girls alliance and confronted Dakota about it. This turned out to be the wrong move and he was eliminated.

The two teams merge

10. Dakota- Dakota, Katie, Beth, and Ellody semeed to be in control. They tried to reel in Eva and Stephanie. They thought it was stupid so they told the guys and they blindsided Dakota.

The jury starts.

9. Ellody- Ellody, Katie, and Beth were in the minority and tried hard to fight back. It did not work and Ellody was voted off because she was the smartest.

8. DJ- Beth and Katie were extremely vunerable. That is until Justin approached them and wanted to make a move because the Beauties were outnumbered. They agreed. They managed to cause a conflict between Stephanie and DJ, which caused Stephanie to flip to the plan and Stephanie got Tyler on board. So DJ was blindsided; leaving Brick and Eva out of the loop.

7. Justin- Justin, Katie, and Beth were now a strong alliance. Stephanie was the swing vote between them and Eva-Brick-Tyler. She chose the Brawn and Justin was voted off.

6. Katie- Katie and Beth were once again alone. They tried to get Stephanie to reflip but it did not work out.

5. Tyler- Beth won immunity and the Brawn had to scramble. Stephanie got Eva and Brick to vote Tyler because he voted off DJ; not knowing she also voted DJ.

4. Eva- Beth lost immunity as Brick won. Stephanie didnt want to go to the final three with a strong duo in Brick and Eva or else she'd be third place. So she voted Eva with Beth and Eva lost the tiebreaker.

3. Stephanie- Brick won immunity and got rid of Stephanie for all her "sins" in the game.

2. Brick- Brick was praised for his great social game and playing honroably but he was just overshadowed.

1. Beth- Beth was praised for her ability to get back up after being an underdog. She won the jury votes except for Eva.

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