Hello everyone! :)

I posted this on my DeviantArt account, but I figured it could be useful here as well. 

So tomorrow, the one hour season finale will be airing on Cartoon Network in the United States! And this time around, similar to Season 4, you have 3 contestants to choose from.

They are:

Sky Shawn Sugar

Well, I have been thinking hard about this one. They have all proven to be tough competitors, never really giving up at all at any point. Well done! Now, before I tell you who I am voting for, I would like to give this amount of information: DO NOT VOTE FOR SUGAR!  

Wow, she was without a doubt the most annoying contestant this season. She is gross, very annoying, and really could care less about anything. Also, I am pretty sure that the finale will be Shawn vs. Sky (NO SPOILERS PLEASE, JUST WHAT I THINK)   so Sugar's votes wouldn't count. After all, that's how Lightning won TDRI in the United States after all and how Alejandro won TDWT in Canada. So do not make that mistake. 

Now, on to Shawn or Sky. They have both been great competitors this season, and they have been proven loyal as well. However, I am going to stick with my preseason prediction:


Sorry Shawn fans, but Sky has been amazing! She is a vey nice competitor, she has always put the game first, she has worked very hard for the million dollars, and also, it has been FOUR YEARS since a girl has won Total Drama! FOUR FREAKING YEARS! It is time that we have a queen once again. 

Again, I wouldn't be too upset if Shawn won, at least he has proven himself (unlike Duncan and Mike) . But all I'm saying is that Sky truly deserves the million dollars!   Vote as you please; I'm not going to make you choose. All I am saying is that Sky should win Total Drama Pahkitew Island!

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