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First of all, no I did not steal this off of dA. This is me, TDAS1234. I changed my name because I did not want my Wiki username to reflect what is the worst season of Total Drama. Secondly, I have decided to post this here because I want to keep spreading the horror that is this season. Plus, TheEpicDestroyer is currently doing a great job on his anti-TDAS blogs, so I figured that I would join in as well.

So here we go: The Top 10 Worst Things About TDAS!

10. The Cast of the Season

Wow, the season hadn't even started yet, and already one thing was wrong: The Cast! Point is, if you don't have a good cast, it won't be that good of a season. In all honesty, only about half of the cast were really All Stars. Seriously, I think the writers forgot the definition of an All Star. We all know that Sam, out of all contestants) is not even close to being an All Star. Mike isn't an All Star, Jo isn't an All Star, Scott is barely an All Star, but shouldn't have been here, and the same could be said for Zoey and Sierra. I do consider Cameron and Lightning All Stars for making it to the TDRI finale. And I also consider the 5 original contestants All Stars, as well as Alejandro. But unfortunately, there were so many contestant that should've been here over a few that made it. Owen, LeShawna, Bridgette, Izzy, and DJ are all All Stars. They definitely should've replaced Sam, Mike, Jo, Scott, and Zoey. Maybe had they had given the TDRI contestants another season, they could be All Stars, but they did it way too quickly. Because of this, it did not turn out well, and some deserving contestants missed out on $1 Million Dollars again.

9. Rushed Episodes/Rushed Theme Song

One thing that no one, not even fans of All Stars, didn't like was that the entire season felt rushed, and that the theme song was shorten. Now, some of you may be wondering, "Why are these 2 together?" Well, since they shorten the theme song, it also made the theme rushed, and not as enjoyable as before. But yes, the episodes were terribly rushed, some worse then others. "Saving Private Leechball" took up way too much time for nothing, which caused the challenge to last a grand total of like 5 minutes. The same can be said for "You Regatta Be Kidding Me" and "The Obsta-kill Course". Some of the rushed subplots could've stayed out because they were so pointless. That did not help this season one bit.

8. Cameron and Sierra's Plotline

This plotline, just why? The writers turned what could have been a great friendship into a terrible "relationship" that just got annoying over time. You know, while watching "Evil Dread", I thought that they would have a very good friendship, possibly even an alliance. That plot could've had a lot of depth and even test their friendship. But sadly, I knew that the moment Sierra pictured him as Cody, that this was going nowhere. As the season went on, Sierra got even more love crazy, and Cameron got even more freaked out over Sierra. I think the climax was in "No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition" when Sierra started acting like a dog to have Cameron.

I truly thought that Sierra could've won TDAS. She has the skills and the positive attitude to go all the way. But our writers decided to make her even more crazy and then eliminate her halfway, thanks to Cameron. So as you can see, this was pointless, and it would have been a better turnout had the two had just stayed friends.

7. The Bold And The Booty-ful

The entire episode. Yes, the entire episode. And the sad thing is that it didn't have to be that way. Let's start with the fact that IT WAS OBVIOUS WHO WAS GOING HOME. I mean seriously, most people knew that Gwen and Scott were going to be leaving in this episode. They had zero plot, and they were derailed to the point where they are useless. Plus, Chris even said that there would be a double elimination! Don't you think that you could've waited? It would've been nice to have us be surprised, considering that a lot of fans thought there would be a 3 person finale. But SCREW IT! Next, we have the lacking humor. Hey writers, POOP JOKES ARE NOT FUNNY! Disbelief There were about 4 or 5 of them in this episode. And they were also used for very poor comedy may I add. Third, there is virtually no real plot in this episode. If there is any plot, it's Mal torturing Gwen and Scott. That's it. How exciting, right? NOT. Also, it got very old and very quick. Lastly, Gwen and Scott's elimination were unfair as well. Yes, Gwen had already been to the finale, but she brought back SOMETHING unlike Mal and Scott. So because of "defacing" Chris, she gets eliminated. I don't know, Chris, I think bear poop looks pretty fitting on you. So yes, in an All Star season, the final 3 is entirely TDRI. And none of them are really All Stars, either. Zoey uses her sole vote to eliminate Scott, unsurprisingly, and the episode ends. My head is already hurting. Let's move on.

6. The Team Switches

So to go along with the "All Star" theme (notice the quotes), the team theme was "Heroes vs. Villains". And with the cast they used, they actually got it right for the most part. However, the team switches only made it worse, and by Episode 6, the Heroes vs. Villains theme was basically useless, since both teams were pretty much a mix. The first team switch took place in "Saving Private Leechball". For a long time, the rumor had been that Courtney and Gwen were to switch teams. And that made sense. Many fans thought that Gwen was more fitting on the Heroes and Courtney was more fitting on the Villains. Well, instead, the writers decide that they should switch, not Courtney and Gwen, but Courtney and DUNCAN.

I can truthfully see Courtney on the Villains, that's why I like her ;) But if you think that Duncan, the convict, the bully, the cheater, and the karma Houdini, is a HERO, then I am speechless. I don't know what to say because he is not a hero at all. And you know, maybe had Courtney and Gwen had stayed friends, this wouldn't had made my Top 10.

And then as if that wasn't bad enough, they decide to do it again! In "Moon Madness", Cameron volunteers to quit to get away from Sierra. But Chris thought that it would be a "great" idea to send him to the VILLAINS!

What villainous actions has Cameron done? He is one of the show's greatest heroes (especially in Season 4), and you put him on the Villains?! Thankfully, that was the last team swap hmm and we didn't have to worry about this again. That could have been executed much better.

5. Mal

Mal thinks that he is the greatest villain ever. He also thinks that he is the toughest. NO! NOT AT ALL! I don't care how hot the fan girls say he is, he is a terrible villain. With good villains like Heather and Alejandro, they had a strategy right from the start, and they were able to take down some tough competitors early on. What was Mal's strategy? TO BREAK THINGS! Wow, what a perfect strategy *gives sarcasm*. That bunch of crap continued up until the merge. As if it couldn't get more pathetic, they had to DUMB DOWN THE FREAKING CAST for him to act unstoppable. Seriously, Zoey, Gwen, Courtney, and Scott were all dumbed down and never notice until late. In other seasons, they would've found out immediately. So somehow, he gets to the finals without winning a single challenge or making a strategic move without some development, and gets away with everything. Thankfully, he will never come back to Total Drama, he was terribly pathetic.

4. The Spoilers

Although this wasn't really the season's fault, I figured that it had to be addressed here. Yes, Fresh TV actually posted the elimination order for the entire season on its website the day the season started in the United States. No one is a big fan of spoilers, and there are many people who try anything to avoid them. I was able to avoid the list up until about Episode 5, when I saw it posted on the Wiki, I wanted to deny it, but really, I knew I couldn't. And if that wasn't enough, they spoiled the Final 4 in the FIRST EPISODE. Also, in the exact order they were eliminated in as well.

4th - Gwen 3rd - Scott Mike and Zoey are the finalist, but for the USA and Canada, it turned out exactly right.

Here is a link to that elimination list:

3. Wasted Plots/Potential

I know that I am not the only one who thought that this season would be one of Total Drama's best ever. And I also know that I am not the only one that doesn't like wasted plots, either. That rained true way too many times in TDAS. I have 3 examples of this. The first one is Duncan and Jo. All I remember reading about after the first episode was how everyone liked them as friends and that they want more development. I can't argue with that, they have quite a bit in common. But that never went anywhere. In fact, Duncan called Jo annoying at the end of "Evil Dread". Secondly, we have Gwen and Alejandro. I remember being very curious about Alejandro eyeing Gwen in Episode 2, and Gwen falling for him. I also remember saying that she wasn't into him in TDWT. But, they must've forgot. What a shock. We never saw anymore reaction between them again. Lastly, we have Mal and Duncan in the same jail. Even though I am sick of Duncan getting screen time, it would've been very interesting had he have been given a back story about Mal in prison or maybe how Mal went to prison. Nope, nothing. We barely hear from it again. The stories could've made All Stars a lot better in the end, but sadly, it didn't happen. Shame. SHAME!

WE HAVE A TIE FOR THE #1 SPOT EVERYONE! Sorry, but it was way too close to call. Once again, no real order here ;)

1a. Courtney's Derailment/Sundae Muddy Sundae

Many of you guys know that I consider "Sundae Muddy Sundae" to be the worst Total Drama episode ever, and one of the worst cartoon episodes ever as well. All Stars had a lot of problems from the start, but this was truly the last straw. After plotting out everything, that includes Courtney to the Villains, Gwen breaking up with Duncan, Courtney starting to put relationships over the game, and even having Courtney start a new relationship with Scott. Yes, it could've been handled better, but I could see them together in a way. It looked as if Courtney had changed for the better and the writers listened to us. Turns out we were wrong, BIG TIME. After watching the episode, AGAIN, AGAINST MY WILL (friend's house), it finally hit me: The entire plot of this episode was to torment Courtney and make her look as bad as possible. She said some very nasty things about Gwen, made a chart to betray Gwen (how did Mal get it, writers?) they had her put the money over friendships, and they even cheated her out of the win. And then to top it all of, Gwen doesn't forgive her, Scott almost hates her, and she is flushed with no one giving a damn.

Originally, I had heard that they wrote this because they didn't want the fans to miss Courtney. They were very wrong, let me tell you. An auto elimination would've been the right way to go, and she actually could've left with her head held up high. But no, they have to ruin it. And also, the line "I can't eat disgusting foods!" will always stick with me, because that did sound like the writers were messing with us. And the errors of her making it the farthest Courtney's ever made it (more torture I guess), and Gwen's eyes, I was so depressed when it ended. Not angry, but depressed. I will NEVER forgive the writers for this, and it will always live in infamy.

1b. The Final Wreck-ening/The Reset Button

Although I consider "Sundae Muddy Sundae" to be the worse episode, I am not giving the TDAS finale a free pass. Oh my gosh, where do I start with this thing? The finalist were bland, the jokes were absolutely cruel, and the ending is truly the Final Wreck-ening of Total Drama All Stars. You would think that they would have everyone return, right? Wrong. Instead, they had the majority of the cast float away in balloons, leading to the health and status of the cast uncertain yet again! Bleh The challenge was deadly and very dangerous, but normal Chris doesn't care. All this has is Mal throwing Cameron and Gwen and injuring them (kick him in the face, Gwen XD), Heather and Alejandro acting beyond creepy for themselves, and Mike and Zoey getting together very obviously. I will also say that Mike's ending is terrible, and he does not deserve to win and get away with everything. But the one thing that made this #1? THE RESET BUTTON. We all know it, and no one seemed to like it. Not only was it anti-climatic and boring, but it was offensive, cruel, and a final slap in the face from the writers. I wonder how someone with MPD could've watched this and not be offended. That would be amazing if everyone had a reset button to make things perfect, but we don't have that. And then the island sinks, Owen falls off a ski jet, and the episode ends. How great! *more sarcasm*

Thanks for sticking around and reading this! :)

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