Hello everyone!

Hard to believe that only 5 months after TDAS aired, Total Drama Pahkitew Island will be airing. Like most people, I believe this season will be so much better than what All Stars brought us. At first, I was NOT thrilled with a new cast, but after Season 5, I really like the idea. I will be giving you guys up to date information on my DeviantArt page, air30002.

And now, on a more serious note, a lot of you have been following the Official Total Drama page on Facebook. Thankfully, it has been confirmed by the amazing Julie Giles that the 8 All Stars that floated away are STILL ALIVE! At least, that's the plan. I just thought I'd share the news!

Finally, I leave with a request to everyone on the Wiki. I think it would be beneficial and more exciting to everyone if no one posts any spoilers what so ever on the Wiki. So I ask you, if you find a spoiler, could you just keep it to yourself? Thank you very much!

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