Hello everyone!

I just thought I would catch everyone up on the Wiki about the future of Total Drama as well as give my cast predictions. Here we go!

- There WILL be a Season 6

Yes! The amazing Julie Giles has confirmed this on the Official TD Fan Page on Facebook.

- The cast will be a mix of old and new characters

It seems like this is the direction they are going in. The old cast would represent TDI-TDPI and the S6 newbies.

- One of the new characters is a Goth Guy

If they can't bring Gwen back, I guess they will bring the next best choice...I guess.

- There will be at least 20 characters

Once again, Julie has said there was at least 20, maybe more...

What we believe is true:

- Season 6 will go back to 26 episodes

The moment fans have been waiting for! With 20+ characters! It would be absolutely stupid to to have a 13 episode season. So this looks very promising.

- The theme will be Fans vs. Favorites

Considering the fact it will be old vs new casts, it makes sense for the fans to be the newbies and the favorites to be from the old casts. (At least their definition of favorites).

My Prediction for the casts:

22 Contestants (TDI Style :))

11 Newbies

11 Old Contestants - Courtney - Scott - Jo - Duncan - Lightning - Sky - Sugar - Shawn - Scarlett - Topher - Dave

I also wouldn't count out: - Noah - Owen - Bridgette - LeShawma - Brick


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