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    Hello everyone! :)

    First of all, no I did not steal this off of dA. This is me, TDAS1234. I changed my name because I did not want my Wiki username to reflect what is the worst season of Total Drama. Secondly, I have decided to post this here because I want to keep spreading the horror that is this season. Plus, TheEpicDestroyer is currently doing a great job on his anti-TDAS blogs, so I figured that I would join in as well.

    So here we go: The Top 10 Worst Things About TDAS!

    10. The Cast of the Season

    Wow, the season hadn't even started yet, and already one thing was wrong: The Cast! Point is, if you don't have a good cast, it won't be that good of a season. In all honesty, only about half of the cast were really All Stars. Seriously, I think …

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  • OfficialTDCritic

    Hello everyone! :)

    I posted this on my DeviantArt account, but I figured it could be useful here as well. 

    So tomorrow, the one hour season finale will be airing on Cartoon Network in the United States! And this time around, similar to Season 4, you have 3 contestants to choose from.

    They are:

    Sky Shawn Sugar

    Well, I have been thinking hard about this one. They have all proven to be tough competitors, never really giving up at all at any point. Well done! Now, before I tell you who I am voting for, I would like to give this amount of information: DO NOT VOTE FOR SUGAR!  

    Wow, she was without a doubt the most annoying contestant this season. She is gross, very annoying, and really could care less about anything. Also, I am pretty sure that the fina…

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  • OfficialTDCritic

    Hello everyone!

    So as many of you know, a trailer for Total Drama Pahkitew Island has been revealed in Italy. And that also showed us that Italy will be getting it first, on June 13, compared to the US on July 7.

    I'm sorry, but I just can't take another season full of spoilers. I can trust many of you on here, but I ALS know that there are blabber mouths on here that can't keep spoilers to themselves. So I am going to leave the Wiki until after Episode 12. We won't know the winner since we vote on it, so I'll be back in time for the finale. I'm also not leaving until June 13, so if you have to say something to me, go ahead.

    You can still find me on DA during that time. I will write reviews when they air in the US, and I plan to continue my ma…

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  • OfficialTDCritic

    Hello everyone!

    I just thought I would catch everyone up on the Wiki about the future of Total Drama as well as give my cast predictions. Here we go!

    - There WILL be a Season 6

    Yes! The amazing Julie Giles has confirmed this on the Official TD Fan Page on Facebook.

    - The cast will be a mix of old and new characters

    It seems like this is the direction they are going in. The old cast would represent TDI-TDPI and the S6 newbies.

    - One of the new characters is a Goth Guy

    If they can't bring Gwen back, I guess they will bring the next best choice...I guess.

    - There will be at least 20 characters

    Once again, Julie has said there was at least 20, maybe more...

    What we believe is true:

    - Season 6 will go back to 26 episodes

    The moment fans have been waiting f…

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  • OfficialTDCritic

    Hello everyone!

    Hard to believe that only 5 months after TDAS aired, Total Drama Pahkitew Island will be airing. Like most people, I believe this season will be so much better than what All Stars brought us. At first, I was NOT thrilled with a new cast, but after Season 5, I really like the idea. I will be giving you guys up to date information on my DeviantArt page, air30002.

    And now, on a more serious note, a lot of you have been following the Official Total Drama page on Facebook. Thankfully, it has been confirmed by the amazing Julie Giles that the 8 All Stars that floated away are STILL ALIVE! At least, that's the plan. I just thought I'd share the news!

    Finally, I leave with a request to everyone on the Wiki. I think it would be benefic…

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