Oatmeal Shawn Baconator,labeled The Odd-Ball Mixed Bag, was a contestant on Total Drama Island on the Screaming Gophers team. He was also a cast member and one of the two finalists on Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers. He returned for Total Drama World Tour and was on the Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Oatmeal is an odd and awkward person when it comes to dealing with other people. He seems to act different every time to talk to him, and has a huge history in getting people to hat him. His mom is a cook, and his dad is a scientist. Together, using the powers of science; they created a human boy made of Oatmeal. He has an extremely short temper on certain days. On other-days he is extremely mellow. His mood swings later get him on many people’s bad side. He is known to be a follower, one to follow an alliance and not put in as much effort as he should put. He is a sadist, an egotist, and a narcissist. He consistently hits on girls despite them having a deep dislike or hatred for him. Oatmeal loves to do things his way, and finds loopholes to many challenges.

Total Drama Island

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Oatmeal was the last one to arrive, due to him wanting to be fashionably late. He wasn’t surprised when he saw that the camp was not the same as it had been advertised. He stated he wasn’t surprised when that corporal TV would do such a thing. He tried to jump back on the boat, but midway; a bird hit him in the crotch and he fell into the water. Courtney glared at Oatmeal saying that his name is unethical. Oatmeal stuck his tongue at her. Cody backed Oatmeal up, slightly hitting him in the arm saying that “Chicks will be chicks right? Heh. The ladies just CAN’T resist us.” Oatmeal said something sarcastic, which quickly gave him Noah’s favor. While in the Girl’s cabin, a cockroach came out. Oatmeal squirmed into Duncan’s hand. Oatmeal was quickly thrown onto the ground.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, the contestants had to jump off the cliff. Oatmeal was one of the four people who refused to jump off, due to him being a wimp. Everyone pointed and laughed at him. He then yelled and made up and excuse that he has a medical condition called, “Sicknofalloffcliffotistis.” He was forced to wear a hornet’s nest on his butt for the rest of the day. Oatmeal complained how the stings will make his butt big. Oatmeal pointed at the wooden box, they had to push and told it to move. Noah making a sarcastic comment laughed at him. Izzy just pushed, Oatmeal went into confessional and said how Izzy was crazy, but useful. He pointed out while, rubbing his chin. After the team won, Oatmeal confronted Izzy; handing her a dog biscuit in return for her vote. She agreed. Oatmeal defended Ezekiel when it came to his sexist comment. Ezekiel went home.

In The Big Sleep, Oatmeal created multiple enemies, and allies.. He made an alliance with Cody by offering some BBQ chips that he stole from chef's kitchen, Noah by sucking up to him and admitting that Noah was far smarter than him, and Trent by attempting to hook him up with Gwen, he failed. Oatmeal had also made enemies with Heather, she stated that he was a threat making so many alliances. So she made an alliance with Justin, Beth, and Lindsay. During the challenge, Oatmeal was the third to last person to fall asleep; due to him staying up talking to his chatango friends back home.

In Dodgebrawl, Oatmeal took position the whole time along with Owen. Oatmeal failed at throwing the balls; but kept ace doing. Duncan managed to hit Oatmeal in the crotch. Oatmeal was only in one round, the rest of the time he was icing off his kiwis. When Noah made his sarcastic comment, Oatmeal reached over and punched him in the crotch. Noah glared at Oatmeal like he was hurt, and stated that Oatmeal hit him in the chest. Due to Noahs ignorance. The Gophers having lost, voted off Noah.

In Not Quite Famous, Oatmeal tried to show everyone his special talent; falling asleep. He was going to be picked; however Justin appeared and did his talent. Everyone but Oatmeal was glaring. Oatmeal pointed out that he would not fall under such petty tactics. Justin kept trying to presuade Oatmeal that he was a good guy, and that he was not just a nice and perfect body, face, hair, eyes, and legs person. Oatmeal later fell for his cheap tactics, and got himself eliminated due to Justin and Heather’s alliance.

Oatmeal receives 21st place.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Oatmeal returns in this episode holding a grudge against Heather and Justin who happen to be in that episode. While he was relaxing on the floor saying how much he wants to get revenge, he approaches Leshawna and Gwen because he knows they have a hatred for him. Oatmeal still had an alliance will Trent. Therefore, he voted for Justin to be eliminated. Everyone else, who had sympathy for Oatmeal, voted Justin. Justin went home. Oatmeal in confessional pointed out, sweet karma.’

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Oatmeal being the one with the short and scrawny body was one of the last one's found by Chef. He tried to hide, DIRECTLY under the dock, meaning he clung to the wooden planks, and stayed there. He did not notice Leshawna who was a few feet away from him. Oatmeal was the second to last one found/ sprayed. He blamed Owen for the horrible smell that Bridgette had, so he voted Owen. Bridgete went home.

In That's Off the Chain!, in the beggining it is shown that Oatmeal is playing frisbee with everyone who was playing. Oatmeal had made a bike of tires, and a pedal. Suprising, it made it and crossed the finish line first. When it is revealed that Lindsay is going home rather than Heather, Oatmeal calls Heather some offensive terms; and gave Lindsay a hug-goodbye. Oatmeal vowed from that point that he would get Heather out.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Oatmeal is TERRIFIED of the movie. However, when Duncan stated that Owen and Izzy are breaking rule's one through three, Oatmeal despite his hate for him, laughed. DJ and Oatmeal being the most afraid stuck together, however Oatmeal ditched him; stating that he is not afraid of the movie and that he is king. Seconds later, when he sees a frog, he pees his pants and runs to the boat. DJ was crying on the boat, technequally making him eliminated first over Oatmeal.

Oatmeal receives 7th place.

In Haute Camp-Ture, Oatmeal is seen inturpting Bridgette and Geoff making out. Geoff punches him in the eye, and Oatmeal recieves a black-eye. Oatmeal grabbed a steak off the grill and put it on his eye, and started to run around. Noah stated that you were supposed to put a COLD piece of meat, idoit. When Chris asked Oatmeal about the Final 5, Oatmeal simply stated that he should be in there rather than fat-ol' Owen. When he was asked who should win; he said Gwen, because Goth's have souls too! At the elimination, Oatmeal simply asked who Leshawna was again, Chris counted that as a vote agaisnt her.

In I Tripled Dog Dare You, Oatmeal's dare was to spread Chili over Owen's stomach and lick it clean. Gwen recieved the dare, and gave it to Heather. Heather had one skip, and she used to. She stated that she did not need Vitamin Owen and Carbohydrates. Oatmeal had his second dare revealed, to shave Owen's arm pit hair, and then suck on it for fifteen seconds. Owen recieved the dare and did it. He stated that it tasted like Salty Pretzel Sticks. Chris threw up.

In The Very Last Episode Really, Oatmeal had supported Owen saying that the tubby lard may be fat, but he can probably throw some heck of a party. Oatmeal had made on apperance at the end when Izzy appeared with the brownies. Oatmeal stole one, and was revealed in the confessional screaming at the brownies. He was cursing and yelling at the brownies; "Why me? WHY ME?!" The episode ended with that.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, he teams up with Owen, Cody, DJ, and Tyler. He sees them as useful assets in order to get the million. Oatmeal lacking the physical strength to be a lifter or the intellegence to be the brains of the group, decided to be the scout or the look-out. He failed at this job, as Courtney got through defences and grabbed the suitcase. Oatmeal being the ladies man that he is, betrayed his own team in order to go with Courtney with the million. They both jumped on the hot air balloon and went towards the dock for victory. The hot air balloon hit the tree, causing Oatmeal, several other cast members, and the box with the million to fall into the dock. Those who fell qualified for TDA.

Oatmeal qualifies for TDA.

Total Drama Action

At the start of Total Drama Action, Oatmeal is consitantly bothered by Duncan and Harold about his name. He is being ridiculed for a name he had no choice over. Oatmeal revealed to everyone that Oatmeal was NOT his real name. DJ shruged his shoulders and stated that he wasn't suprise and that who in their right minds would name their child Oatmeal, no offence. Oatmeal tries to hit on any girl who isn't freaked out by his name, i.e Izzy. Throughout this season, Oatmeal continues to hit on Izzy in order to break up her and Owen for himself. At this time, Beth also admits she has a crush on Oatmeal.

Oatmeal instead of being the last one at the camp-site like before, he was there four hours early. Fashionably early you might say. He is also the last one on the trolly, due to him having to be dragged on by Chef. [He was exercising his talent of sleeping.] He was sleeping right next to Owen. As the giant robotic monster approached, everyone ran off the bus, except Oatmeal. The force of everyone running off caused him to roll under a seat unnoticed. Everyone BUT Oatmeal and Owen was in the bouncy hall; holding area. Therefore, Owen and Oatmeal got to choose which trailor to pick. The awesome clean and new one, or the one that was crushed by the Giant Robot. Oatmeal was sleeping, therefore Owen chose the crushed up one. Every guy groaned and made fun of him.

During Alien Resurr-eggtion, when Chris revealed that the campers are looking for Alien Eggs. Oatmeal stated that it was highly improbable for them to be able to obtain such Alien Eggs, and that a huge cg-effect budget would be in order to make them look real towards the viewer of the national public. Oatmeal tried to tag along with Duncan, Duncan told him off using some very verbal langague. Oatmeal then started to squirm down random halls, and then he bumped into DJ. DJ told him to calm down and that they aren't getting eliminated in some scary movie episode AGAIN. Oatmeal and DJ then are confronted by Chef and run into a dead end. They are then slimed. Oatmeal is chosen to be on the Screaming Gaphers.

In Riot on Set, Oatmeal comes up with this super idea of Godzilla ravaging through Camp Wawanaka; leaving it to what it was last season. Everyone agreed with his idea, Chris also enjoyed the idea; as it gave a liable reason for why the camp was so run down and beat. Oatmeal then was in charge of lights for the rest of the episode. Oatmeal was approached by Chef for a secret alliance. He accepted, and Oatmeal convinced DJ to join too. Izzy is eliminated this episode.

In Beach Blank Bogus, Oatmeal glared at Beth clinging to his head in the morning. She took one good whiff of his hair, and then passed out. Oatmeal stated that he simply wasn't a morning person. Oatmeal had horrible hand eye corridination, so he failed at the balancing on the surf board challenge. However, he did manage to get Linsdays Number, by using her lipgloss as ransom. Oatmeal suggested that they should have banners and fireworks come out of the sand castle. Chris stated that he did not have the budget to do such a thing. Oatmeal was very dissapointed in his team and dug himself into the sand. The last part of the challenge was a dance off, Oatmeal started to dance in a suggestive order making him disqualified for the challenge. His team won the prize of a beach party.

In 3:10 to Crazy Town, Oatmeal pointed out that he did not need a shower or deodordant that Trent offered because he was man, and that real men do not take showers. Beth respectfully disagreed to that statement. Oatmeal as he was climbing up the ladder to jump onto the horse. Harold thanked physics for having stink and hot air rise up, rather thank down. Oatmeal jumped down onto the horse and sucessfully landed on the horse. Owen chucked and playfully asked if he farted again after smelling Oatmeal's fart. Everyone glared and stepped away from Owen. Oatmeal in the second part had to ranch the cattle, which was the other team. Oatmeal failed to ranch the cattle as a cattle headbutted him in the crotch.

In the Chefshank redemption, Gwen was chosen to eat for her team. As she walked by Oatmeal was checking her out. Oatmeal noticed her "goth curves" and whistled. He later took back that comment after watching her barf under the digusttingness of the food. Oatmeal injusticly was volunteered to push the cart full of people, it took them a while; but they got there. Gwen being the first person with the shovel was chosen to dig. Oatmeal was hit directly in the head by her, and was knocked out. Gwen is noticed for sabotauging the team, and is quickly ousted off the team.

In One Flu Over The Cuckoos, Oatmeal's team warned him if he did not bring up his game, that he would be quickly sent home. So he was the first person to dive in, he grabbed an arm and a leg. That quickly regained him favor within the team. Oatmeal quickly got a stomach ache from being hungry, and he thought he was dieing of a lung cancer. As soon as Leshawna and Duncan barge in, Oatmeal quickly jumped up and pointed at Chris stating that he knew it the whole.time. Oatmeal took his best friend on the trip to the spa. He took his friend, Zachary.

In The Sand Witch Project, It is revealed that Oatmeal is doubled jointed. He does the 360 head spin, like they did in exocorism in the scare off. He gained multiple points for it. DJ, his closest friend at this point, failed to scare anyone. The scare of in the tent invovled Oatmeal falling off the tent, dislocating his arm, and bleeding to death. [With CGI effect and a little bit of ketchup, of course.] His team won, but DJ in remorse, left the game due to him feeling guilty about being scary and lieing. Oatmeal begged him not to leave, but he wouldn't.

In Master Of Diasaster, Oatmeal reveals that he is a state cross country running and that he can run over anything and take any hit. Seconds later, he gets hit with a book in the stomach and falls over and cries in pain. Oatmeal remains in the position for the rest of the challenge. However, when Owen falls to the ground after behind injured. Oatmeal shouts EARTHQUACK, rather than earthquake. Oatmeal while in the submarine, flailed in subconscience defence. Everyone pointed out no one was there, and they continued to escape. Oatmeal after doing nothing that day, went back to his caiin with chips and soda. Owen however, was sent home.

In Full Metal Drama, Oatmeal was still in shock from the "earthquake" last episode. Oatmeal in the mood to blow something up. Oatmeal about to jump off the airplane, also commented how the producers couldn't even rent an airplane once just for a short challenge. Oatmeal jumped off without any safety gear. Which then led him to hitting the hard cement, causing him to break his collarbone. He stayed in the infermary for the rest of the day. Owen however, returned this episode.

In Ocean's Eight or Nine, Oatmeal was one of the only ones not to give Leshawna the cold shoulder, despite him not knowing who she was last season. He eventually broke out of the cell with Harold's help. Harold gave him some random information, and then they continued the rest of the challenge. Everyone gasped at the sight of Courtney at the bank. Oatmeal stated in confessional, "Meh, I knew the snotty little brat couldn't stay away from her five minutes of fame." At the end of the day, Courtney joined the other team; and that team voted out Owen again.

In One Million Bucks, B.C, Oatmeal walked out in his caveman outfit, everyone commented on how scrawny he is. Beth also said that scrawny guys look cute in caveman outfits. Oatmeal back up slowly. Oatmeal had to battle Justin on the pillar above the tar pit, Oatmeal yelled out Karma at every attempt of hitting Justin off. Harold commented how probable that it was to decide when he was about to attack. Justin told Harold to shut up, but Oatmeal then checked Justin off the pillar. Oatmeal then exclaimed his love for ribs. But then the ribs fell into the tar.

In Million Dollar Babies, there was an odd ammount of people; therefore Oatmeal was chosen to be the cheerleader for the team. Chris gave him a miniskirt, and said it would be good for ratings. Duncan whistled saying how much the skirt brings out his eyes. Everyone glared at Duncan in disgust. Since Oatmeal was the ONLY one not to participate in a sports challenge. It was up to him to win the cheerleading section for his team, Oatmeal's cheer was very sadist; saying how much his team sucks for making him stay in this skirt. His team lost, Oatmeal and Heather was in the bottom two. Heather went home that night, due to long lasting feelings of hatred.

In Dial M for Merger, Oatmeal quickly ran into the lazers and burn himself. He also pointed out that the building would not explode. Courtney asked him if he was willing to take that chance. Oatmeal sadly shook his head. Oatmeal dived off the building, and fell and rolled to safety. Oatmeal's jaw dropped at the site of the "explosion". Oatmeal when at his bucket to defuse was very indecisive, saying how many types of colors there were. He kept going back and forth of what color wire to clip. He ended up not clipping them at all. When Chris revealed the prize was to a cheese factory. Oatmeal just shrugged his shoulders and dusted his shoulder.

In Super Hero-ID, Oatmeal was known as "Normal Boy", he had the power to be normal. Oatmeal wore his normal clothes. He was shown racing on the course, getting the second to last time. Oatmeal was forced to vote off Leshawna, due to a threat by Duncan. Leshawna sadly went home that night, and Oatmeal still was wondering who she was.

In Princess Pride, Oatmeal was one of the drawfs from Snow White coming to get Courtney. Oatmeal admitted how he thought Courtney was pretty. Justin and Duncan yelled for her. Oatmeal yelled louder. She called all three of them obnoxious and how she wanted to just call the king to execute them! Oatmeal and Duncan realized that Justin had feelings for Courtney and teamed up on him. Duncan then got in a full fist fight with her, Oatmeal quickly took the win and the kiss from Courtney. Chris then revealed that it was a double elimination night, and that Duncan and Justin were BOTH going home.

In Get a Clue, Oatmeal quickly changed into a detective personality. He quickly got prints from Harold, and a hair sample too. Oatmeal quickly accused Courtney of killing Chris. Courtney was his main suspect due to Oatmeal thinking that she is cute when she yells, which is all the time. Oatmeal quickly was named the suspect by everyone else. Harold remembers him revealing that Oatmeal is not his real name. Harold also reveals the he thinks Oatmeal's real name is MrKillsChrisMcleanAlot. Harold cuffs Oatmeal to the chair. Oatmeal stands up with the chair stuck to his hand. Lindsay figures out who it was, and cuffs them. She invites Oatmeal to the movies due to his inconvience.

In Rock n' Rule, Oatmeal failed at playing the electric gutiar due to his lack of hand eye corridination. Oatmeal got shocked by the electric, and it burned his hair. Oatmeal almost failed at walking through the red carpet, he however did gain extra points for wearing his Chris Mclean shirt. Oatmeal then won the challenge of breaking the hotel room; due to him chugging a 20 gallon bottle of mountain dew. Oatmeal was suprised at the return of Owen, he gave Owen a hi-five.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Oatmeal was teamed up with Harold. Harold was the coach. Oatmeal started to punch a tree, when Harold yelled out. Harold complained that he was not a tree. Harold said, based on the female body weight ratio, and their body weight ratio. That the boys would obviously win. The boy's however, lost. The boys were stuck making a five course meal for the winner of the next challenge; which was Beth.

In 2008: Space Owen, Harold accidently smashed Oatmeal's glass eyeball that he got through the mail. Oatmeal started to act like that was the only way to for him to see. Oatmeal failed to walk into the space ship, but over ten minutes he did. Oatmeal started to float around, and commented asking everyone where they were and that he was hungry. Beth yelled at Harold stating that her man should not be treated that way. Oatmeal glared at Harold and chuckled. After the space ship ride, Oatmeal was the first one to go on the Vomit Commit. He lasted 3 minutes and twenty seconds before he threw up. Oatmeal lasted the second longest in the Vomit Commit. Courtney won that challenge, and immunity. Oatmeal, Beth, and Courtney voted off Harold due to "rude" actions towards Oatmeal.

In Top Dog, Beth admitted her feelings towards Oatmeal. Oatmeal in confessional threw up. Oatmeal attempted to avoid her throughout the whole episode. Oatmeal recieved the chameleon. He had it play neon lights as Oatmeal danced in a suggestive matter, again. Oatmeal, won the first part of that challenge and won the advantage to the next part. Oatmeal even with the advantage to the challenge, Oatmeal was the second person to win that challenge. The first one being Courtney. Courtney and Oatmeal both realize that Owen was a spy hired by Chris, and Beth was voted out. Owen was fired for being realized. The final two is Oatmeal and Courtney!

In Mutiny on Soundstage, Oatmeal and Courtney started to do the challenge. Oatmeal throwing up at first smell of the bahroom. Courtney then revealed she has many brothers, and that the stench is bearable. Courtney then continues onto further challenges. Oatmeal started to rush, and puke, rush, and puke again. Oatmeal asked Chris if he had to clean up the puke. He said yes. At this point, Courtney was already at Dial M for Merger. Oatmeal sucessfully cleaned the bathroom, and then the bear rush back in. Oatmeal looked at the sky and mouthed swears. Courtney WAY ahead of Oatmeal was about to win. Oatmeal still cleaning the bathroom, puked even more. Courtney, rushed past the final line and won the season. The alarm went off, so everyone could hear that someone won TDA. Oatmeal put his head down on the bathroom ground/puke and growled.

Oatmeal recieved SECOND in Total Drama Action.

In The Aftermath: IV, everyone was shocked to see that Courtney won. Everyone said, they would've voted Oatmeal to win if it was based on a jury vote. Courtney started bragging and pointed at everyone saying how they are all losers and that she is a winner. She did a little dance, and walked out of the door. Geoff commented that they should all rob Courtney in the parking lot. Oatmeal inturrpted saying how much we both tried, but in the end that she won and that she deserved it.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

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