• OXJoshOx

    I did not include Chris and Chef. It is from least to greatest

    I know for a fact that for the one episode Staci was in for now, she was just used as comedy relief. But sadly, the producers made her just a tad too annoying, that it doesn't only annoy the campers, but it annoys me as well! Right now, she is not making me laugh or anything, that's why she is last place!

    Katie is another one of those characters purely used for comedy relief. Yes, she is quite funny at times, but only if she's together with her BFFL, Sadie.Plus she got a small amount of screentime. So sadly, me and Katie are not BFFLs!

    Just like Katie. The reason she got one rank further is because she got more screentime. So, nothing else to say about her.

    Just one thing I want to…

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