Hello everyone!

Like almost everyone, I have been waiting to hear about an announcement in regarding the future of Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race.

After looking through Fresh TV's (the company that produces TD and RR) Twitter account, I found this.

Total Drama has NOT been greenlit for another season, meaning they most likely haven't even started production on a new season yet. It's confirmed; there will be no new Total Drama seasons in 2016 and we're almost half-way through the year and a new season still hasn't even been greenlit. Keep in mind, the last Total Drama season was Pahkitew Island which happened almost two years ago. The Riconulous Race finale was almost half a year ago and yet neither show has been greenlit (I'm sure if The Ridonculous Race was greenlit they'd make some sort of announcement).

After exploring Fresh TV's Twitter account, I discovered that one of their other shows, Backstage (a live action TV show), has been renewed for a second season and Fresh TV seems to be awfully excited about that.

Now I dont mean to freak anyone out, but it seems like Fresh TV is moving on from Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race and persueing new projects like Backstage. Plus the fact that it's been confirmed that Total Drama has not been greenlit for another season and it's very likely that neither has The Ridonculous Race, it's possible that this might be the end of the Total Drama franchise.

However, that may change. In the same tweet I showed you at the beginnign of this blog, Fresh TV said that they hope the situation in regarding that no new seasons of Total Drama has been greenlit changes. I'm sure Fresh TV would love to do more TD or RR, a new season just has to be ordered from the broadcasters (the television networks).

But even if a new season of either show is greenlit, let's say, tomorrow; we most likely would not see the next season premiere until late 2017 to early 2018 and maybe even into mid-2018 if they order a 26 episode season (and let's face it; in my opinion at least, 26 episodes is a lot better than 13).

The point is it's going to be a long time until we get new episodes and seasons of either TD or RR. It's 100% confirmed that a new season of TD has not been greenlit, Fresh TV never said anything about RR though so let's hope that RR was renewed for a second season and production has already secretly started. But if that were the case, I'd expect them to announce it and they haven't.

Hopefully this doesn't mean the end of this beloved franchise.

TL;DR: The company that produces the Total Drama series has confirmed that a new season of TD has not beenn greenlit and there has been no word on a new season of RR meaning the earliest we could see a new season is most likely late 2017, if ever.


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