Hello everyone! Welcome to my TDAS review blog. So I'm planning on making this a thing. The episode I'm going to be reviewing this week is Heroes vs. Villains. I'm also going to review the overall theme and theme song, since it is the first episode and all. Now let's get on with the review before I make this a long intro. Enjoy!


Ok, so starting with Chris welcoming the contestants. I actually thought that part was funny when Chef was dropping them out of the plane.

Then we have Zoey who jumps out after Mike saying "Miiiike!" That was her first line of the season, which leads me to believe that all Zoey's gonna care about is Mike and will show no personality. However, it can just be seeing more of their relationship.

Then we have Ezekiel and I was like "what?" But I kinda new that Zeke wouldn't be back. In my opinion, the whole "Zeke is a zombie" thing is kinda overused.

Now on the shore, Heather denies missing Alejandro after Lindsay taunts her.

We all know that Heather denies loving Alejandro. I'm just really carious on what's going to happen between the two. I really hope they actually have a relationship.


I think the teams were pretty decent. However, in my opinion I think Courtney should've been on the Villainous Vultures and Gwen should've been on the Heroic Hamsters. Because overall, Gwen is not a villain. Just because she stole Courtney's boyfriend doesn't make her one. As far as the other contestants go, I think they were fine where they were placed.


I thought the challenge wasn't bad for the first episode of the season. I actually found some parts hilarious. Especially when Lindsay was gradually tiring out during the whole thing. Mike steering with a pole was pretty hilarious too. (XD)

I also loved the part where Alejandro came out of the robot suit and then found the key. Then in the end, it was the Heroic Hamsters that lost the challenge and the Villainous Vultures had to watch.

Which brings me to the part where Gwen apologizes to Courtney for stealing Duncan away from her. Then tries to give Courtney flowers? Seriously? No wonder why Courtney pretended to be allergic.

I thought that Lindsay's elimination was a little too obvious in my opinion. I mean they won't knock off Courtney that early and it was obvious that Lindsay wasn't going to get the marshmallow. The whole overall elimination was (I hate to say this) but sorta poor.

Overall Theme

I don't about you guys, but I think that the theme of using the island is getting kind of old, and the fact that season six will also take place on an island. I mean why can't they choose a different location or go back to the film lot again? Why does it have to be an island? I get that season one took place on an island, but that doesn't mean you have to use the same theme. And why does it have to be marshmallows again? It's just that I think that the theme of this season could've been better. However I love the title!

Episode rating: 7/10

Well, that concludes my Total Drama All-Stars review on Heros vs. Villains. Feel free to comment below and I'll see you in my next review. Thanks for reading! :)

numbuhthreefanmessagecontributions 01:31, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

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