Well, most of you may know that today is my 5th year anniversary of being here. For all of you that didn't know that or if your new. Today is my wikiversary! Anyway, I had such great years on this wiki, including this one. You guys have always been so nice to me over the years and helping me get to know the wiki.

I mean I went from a regular user to a staff member with over 15,000 edits (15,517). All that right there proves that I'm hard working and a worthy member. I was also a featured user for August 2011. If it weren't for you guys then I probably wouldn't be this far right now.

So, I would just like to thank each and every one of you for another great year on the wiki. I may not be friends with everyone here, but I am with a lot of you and a majority of the users that go to the IRC. As for those who have helped me, thank you so much. I really appreciate it a lot. Thanks! :D


For this section, it's going to be me scanning through my other wikiversary blogs and picking one sentence from each. Then we'll see if I've improved from it or not. However, the statements I picked might not all have to do with improving. Some of them are fun ones too. So let's just get on with it. xD

  • One year on the wiki

"I guess I accomplished a few things on the wiki. I have a LOT of edits, I lead the Bridgette Fan Club, and I'm a active user."
- Lol... Back then I used to think leading fan clubs were an achievement, but then I started to realize they weren't and were just useless forums on the wiki. Being active isn't really a wiki achievement ether, just a status.

  • Two years on the wiki

"I was a season two competitor of Countdown Two 10,000."
- Yes, I actually do remember that popular editing activity. It was actually kind of fun.

  • Three years on the wiki

"I came here as n00b and now I'm a rollback! :D"
- Yes, that's very true. :p

  • Four years on the wiki

"The wiki didn't look as amazing in 2009 then it does today. So when we all eventually leave the wiki, we'll be leaving it knowing that it looks great."
- The wiki really does look better than it did back then. It's because of all our hard work that we put into it. We're the ones that made it look this way. ;) Anyway, I found something on the web archive of one of our old main pages. (xD we use to be

Now here's a fun fact about me.

In summer 2008 when TDI was airing in the United States. One night we were watching The Sucky Outdoors and it literally was raining that night. (I was surprised that we still got a signal.) It's ironic, because it rained in that episode as well.

So that concludes my wikiversary blog. Thank you all so much for giving me an amazing 5 years on this wiki. I appreciate it a lot! ;)

~ numbuhthreefan 19:15, June 14, 2014 (UTC)

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