Hey, N3 here! So as we all know of the recent news we had that TD is coming with a new season. I figured I'd make a blog about which cast members I would really love to see again. Then I'll go into who I absolutely don't want to see again in the new season.

Please note that these are not the contestants returning (obviously since we don't know), just opinions.

  • Contestants I would love to see

1. Bridgette: No, not because she's my favorite character, but because she actually has potential to compete again and still has some plot left. Think about it, the only season she's ever made it far in was TDI. She got the first boot (along with Geoff) in TDA for making-out, and then got robbed in TDWT, because Alejandro left her stuck to a pole. Yes, I know she got to host the aftermaths and everything, which was nice. Though I think her actually returning to compete would be a nice comeback for her. Plus, she's an interesting character to watch.


2. Harold: It would be cool to see him return. I've always enjoyed him as a character and he's done pretty well throughout his time on the show. Also, the fact that him and Leshawna's relationship can be redeemed. Not to mention only that, but his conflict with Duncan needs to be resolved. Like it would be interesting to know why Duncan was always picking on him and calling him names. He can also be a character to actually develop more.


3. Leshawna: Yes, the sista with tude! To be honest, idk why she wasn't in All-Stars. She has so much potential as a character, her development is pretty good, and is one of the most developed out of all the females in my opinion. She is also a strong competitor and has done well in challenges. She deserves to return. Plus, she can patch up her relationship with Harold.

Tyler the Gummy Man

4. Tyler: He's a hilarious character that's always fun to watch. Just to think of it, he's haven't had much screentime. Sure he got a decent amount in TDWT, but even that it's still not enough to beat the screenhogs (of course). There can also be a chance to see the Lyler relationship again. Yes, I'm someone who didn't really believe that news of them breaking up. If they really want them broken up, then maybe there's a chance to show it in a season. Or have them get back together somehow. Also, we need characters like Tyler to make the season entertaining, because he's an entertaining character.


5. Lindsay: Let's face it she was robbed in her last season, TDAS. She's had so much potential to go further. So if she returns, maybe she can redeem herself somehow. Plus, she's a fan favorite! I know she was saying that she forgot how hard the game is and was tiring out. But you know why? Because she was pushing one too many contestants in the carriage. I think her returning can be her comeback. Even if she does tire out again, then maybe her plot can be to keep trying or something like that or whatevs. She, along with Tyler, is also fun to watch.


6. Duncan: Go ahead, judge me all you want. Anyway, I kinda actually want Duncan to return again. He's done well in challenges, he has good potential, and if we see Harold again there's still hope that their conflict can be resolved.

Area 51 courtney sabotage

7. Courtney: A lot people like her, she's went far in the game, and she's entertaining. Plus, she needs to be redeemed, especially after Sundae Muddy Sundae. Which was by far her worst episode and performance yet might I add, and then she gets eliminated. So it would be a good comeback for her. If Duncan competes again with no Gwen or if Gwen gets back with Trent, then maybe the two can patch things up.


8. Alejandro: Oh yes, what's a season without Alejandro? He's made it far, is great in challenges, and has so much more potential and development than Justin. Plus, I think he's a better pick than Justin anyway (judge me all you want, but my opinion stays the same).

Sadie comforts Katie

9. Katie and Sadie: Yes! They need more development and screentime. Not just sitting in a peanut gallery. I mean like them being actual competitors. Also, I don't think we're ever gonna see this, but wouldn't it be interesting if Sadie goes further than Katie again and then develops into an antagonist? Or at least see individual sides of both characters.

Noah talks

10. Noah: I know he was just in RR, but I wouldn't mind seeing him again. He's always fun to watch.


11. Heather: What's a season without Heather? She is a great player and antagonist. I can't imagine a season without her to be honest. I mean she's a fan favorite and I'd love to see more Aleheather. Aleheather is like <333.... I also just really enjoy her as a character.

Sweden owen thinks of noah

12. Owen: Fan favorite, entertaining at times, and if Noah's in it then that means more of their interactions, thus developing their friendship.

Dawn Landing

13. Dawn: She literally got robbed in her last and only season. She has so much potential and plot left. I think seeing her in a season again would really make things interesting. It would also be a chance to get to know more about her as well.


14. Brick: Brick would make an pretty good plot in my opinion. I mean some people actually do like him, and we need characters like him to make the show fun and entertaining for the viewers. He has plot left as well.

Anne Maria annoyed

15. Anne Maria: Would be pretty cool to see her again. I've always liked her as a character and she makes the season/episodes watchable.

B eliminated

16. B: Not much is known about him, so it would be nice to see him again. Maybe even get a chance to see him actually talk (idk if we'll see that though).

Jasmine Ep2

17. Jasmine: She's done well in challenges and has great development. Seeing her again would really make things interesting. Also, if Shawn's there we can see more of their relationship.


18. Shawn: He was a winner (runner-up in other countries) and a lot of people actually like him. He's funny and is useful in challenges as well, also has potential.

Samey Gruvias Rank

19. Amy and Samey: These two really need more development. They also have some unfinished plotline as well, meaning that their conflict/sisterly love needs to get resolved. As far as Amy goes, I'd say she's one of the most undeveloped out of all the third gen contestants. I mean she's actually pretty boring tbh and hasn't had one line outside of her sister. The only line she's had outside of Samey was "Are you crying?" to Rodney and that was it. But even that line is forgettable. Samey on the other hand has actually had pretty good development, but it can obviously go further.


20. Dave: Even though he was somewhat bad, I still could see him possibly returning. Let's face it his character is messed up, but can there's still hope for him to be redeemed (if he's written properly that is). It'll be a nice comeback opportunity for him as well.


21.Sky: Is useful and does well in challenges and was runner-up (winner in some countries). I can totally see her returning. I mean she's such a fun and interesting character. If Dave is competing with her, then it'll be an opportunity for her to patch things up with him.

Topher Gruvias Rank

22. Topher: I know many people say that he got ruined by the whole him wanting to be like Chris and host the show, but I personally wouldn't mind him returning. There is still hope for him to actually be more likeable and he's really not as bad as you would think, even though I'm still sort of neutral.


23. Eva: Ok, even though I don't like Eva all that much. I still think she should get a chance to return. Think about it, she's only competed in one season and then sat in a peanut gallery. She has very little development and still has some potential. I also think that she would make a fairly good plot if they bring her back. Maybe even making her to be more likable for once. Or getting the chance to know her better, like why she's so angry all the time.

Trent compliments Beth

24. Trent: Yes! Trent needs to return and be redeemed from his what they did to him in TDA. He hasn't really had much development either, so this could be a great opportunity to bring him in.


25. Gwen: I can see her returning as well. I mean she has good potential and some plot left. She's also made it far and does pretty decently in challenges. Also, she and Courtney need to patch things up, not only that, but if Trent comes back maybe they'll be an opportunity to bring the two back together.

  • Who I don't want to see again

1. Ezekiel: Oh my gosh, I'm frickin sick of him! Like literally sick of him. The whole 'Zeke is a zombie' joke is highly overused. Like are you kidding me? Give the damn joke a rest already, like honestly. Plus, barely anyone even likes Zeke. Also, his character is completely ruined, unless they can cure him somehow.

First confesionalZoey

2. Zoey: Boring... nuff said.


3. Mike: We all know the answer to this one. He's offensive and trash... trash trash trash, and nothing but trash with no hope to be redeemed.


4. Staci: Why do people want her back anyway? She's useless and boring, and we know absolutly nothing about her other than she's a compulsive liar. She's also a really annoying character.

Leonard TDRR Rank

5. Leonard: Had enough of him and he's a damn straight up annoyance.

TDAS Cameron

6. Cameron: One word to describe Cameron, "screenhog". I mean he has an insane amount of screentime that it takes away from other characters who need it in my opinion. It's literally insane that's he still isn't a very interesting or developed character. Though you would think so considering all the screentime he's gotten. But I really don't want to see him again, because I'm certainly sick of him.

  • Friendships, relationships, and conflicts

So this part is just gonna be about what types of interactions would be cool or interesting to see. Well, if they were to appear in the next season that is.

  • Friendships
    • Bridgette and Lindsay - Were friends during TDWT and would make a good interaction, and it can go further, making them better and closer friends.
    • Jasmine, Shawn, and Samey - They already interacted with each other and Jasmine and Shawn are already a couple that just happen to be friends with Samey. Well, even though Shawn and Samey had one minor interaction. Anyway, I see these three becoming more of friends. Also being an opportunity for further interaction.
    • Dave and Sky - We all know their relationship didn't work at all, but I can see them patching things up and becoming just friends. Maybe not real close ones, but just enough to be good friends.
  • Relationships
    • Alejandro and Heather - Heck frickin yeah! They're so cute together. They're the king and queen! <3
    • Courtney and Duncan - I see them siding their differences and making up. <3
    • Lindsay and Tyler - Yes, I don't believe the news of them breaking up. They're such a cute couple and I hope they continue to be. <3
    • Gwen and Trent - It would be nice to see them back together, I miss them. <3
    • Topher and Samey - I know this ship seems out of nowhere, but I see them being a potential couple. They'd be cute together actually. <3
  • Conflicts
    • Leshawna and Heather - Hands down without a doubt, the best conflict ever.
    • Amy and Samey - Probably will continue until their conflict gets resolved. I really would like to know why Amy always treats Samey the way she does.
    • Duncan, Gwen, and Trent - If these three are in a season together, then there possibly might be another love triangle. Well, maybe just between Duncan and Trent, who would fight over Gwen. Leaving Gwen in the middle of all of it.

Ok, so thanks reading my opinions on who I want and don't want to see in the next season. Feel free to comment any opinions below.