Disclaimer: I may rant in this blog a little, but I don't mean to offend anyone in any way.

Hello, Total Drama Wiki users. Today I'm going to talk about some major issues and drama that we've been having lately. That I felt the need to make a blog about.

Okay, so lately I've been noticing people sockpuppeting, vandalizing, using profanity and after being warned might I add, arguing, advertising, uploading unused images, and removing message wall posts. This is insanely ridiculous! I mean every time I turn around, I see that we're having another issue and it's almost everyday. All this drama has actually got highly annoying now and the arguments are absurd.

So I guess I'll start by talking about the sockpuppeting. Now this has been going on for weeks since 2014 started and I can't believe we're still banning people for this. I mean the majority of it is coming from banned users trying to avoid their bans. While the other half is people just wanting to use another account and/or making accounts just to vandalize. Are you kidding me? Not only is sockpuppeting against our rules, but against the rules of wikia. I've also counted the recent sockpuppets on the block list and the first page alone has about 28. However, the point is that we have too many sockpuppet accounts. We should not have 28 on the first page (in my opinion). We shouldn't have any at all, but we do. Also if you guys don't like your account name anymore, it's not that hard to just contact wikia and disable your old one. Or better yet, you can ask them to simply rename your account. I mean in my opinion sockpuppeting currently is making vandals look harmless, as we have more sockpuppets more than we do vandals. Which is actually kind of a problem.

The next thing I'll be talking about is the use of profanity or in other words; swearing. I know that we have freedom of speech, but swearing is not allowed if the word has never been used on the show. I don't see how hard it is just to add two astracs in between your swears. Not to mention only that, but I've noticed people have been swearing after being warned not to. Really? I understand if you just made a mistake or forgot you were warned, but if you read the rules then you would know swearing isn't allowed here. And if your swearing intentionally, then that's another story. I mean just by doing it after being warned makes it look like your doing it just to annoy/test the staff. Or have no interest in following that rule. This needs to stop! Please try to censor yourself if you have to swear.

Uploading unused images is another issue on here. Yes, we are still warning people for them and it's actually very annoying. I get if you just got done with a piece of artwork or something and you wanna show it off. But you can just easily put it onto your userpage or make a userpage extension for it. However, if your uploading something that your not sure of. Then why are you uploading it if your not sure if your gonna use it? This is one of the main reasons that we have unused images in the first freaking place. We are actually trying to clean up unused images. Plus, it's just more work for the admins to delete them. Now there really isn't much to be said in this topic so moving on.

Another issue is that people tend to remove posts from their message walls. Which is also against the rules. I don't get why you do it. I'm not saying most of you do, I'm just saying whoever does, you know who you are. Anyway, by removing wall posts it shows that you don't care about what the person has to say. I manly notice it with staff warnings and you especially can't remove those. I mean come on! That just shows that you don't care about following the rules and/or what said staff member has to say. Plus, I don't get why people remove them in the first place.

Now going onto advertising. This is probably one of the main things causing drama. In fact, this is probably how it all started. Lately, people have been advertising their fanfics and roleplays on here. I know some of you enjoy making wikis for them and would like people to join. But that doesn't mean you have to advertise continuously or spam.

Last but not least, I'm gonna be talking about the amount of arguments we've been having. These are extremely irksome and usually start over very minor things. They also start if someone is stating an opinion. I mean are you kidding me? People are arguing over opinions? Well, at least they start off as opinions, but then start to turn into arguments. Like for example, let's say someone is talking about that Owen scene at the end of TDAS. Then another user comes along and is like "I can't believe you actually like that scene! It was so bad and blahblahblah." Really? In order to be on this wiki you have to respect other people's opinions. Not only that, but these arguments/altercations usually start off between two users, and other users seem to get themselves involved (in my opinion). I mean if you see two people arguing non-stop. Then just try your best to avoid getting involved. I mean people are getting involved when they don't need to be and some of them just might comment for the sake of commenting. If the arguments bother you that much, then just report it to a staff member and let them handle it. That is the best way to avoid getting into drama.

Now all this stuff is like I said; insanely ridiculous. We should not be having this much drama. It's really a big problem. I mean any user from another wiki can just happen to see this wiki and see what's going on. Then they're gonna start complaining about us and I'm sure that's the last thing we need. Users have also been quitting as well and I don't blame them. So with all this being said, let's just try to tone down the amount of drama. Okay?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. The whole point of this blog is to recognize these issues and drama. This may be the Total Drama Wiki, but that doesn't mean you have to create actual drama to go along with it.

~ numbuhthreefan 02:19, February 7, 2014 (UTC)

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