Today is an exciting day for me, because.... This is my two year wiki anniversary! June 14, 2009 is the day I joined the wiki. Eeeee! This is also the day I joined two other wikis; Codename Kids Next Door and Ed, Edd,n Eddy. As I stated in my "One year" blog post. Now how did I find out about Total Drama? Well, someone in my house told me about it, and back then. I didn't know what the characters looked like nor did I know anything about the show; until I did some research on and on Google. When I started watching the show, I immediately loved it from the start. The first episode I ever saw was Not So Happy Campers - Part 1. So now let's move on to the topics below. Shall we?

How I found out about the wikia? ♥

Alright, I found out about wikia when I was searching around on Google. Looking for Kids Next Door pictures, because I wanted to do some fan art or look at some. So while I was searching, I came across this site. It turned out to be the Knd Wiki, (because that's the wiki I joined first.) When I clicked on the wikia link; I started to browse around the site and look at the articles. After I did that for a little bit, I then created an account.

At first I was thinking about creating an account under the username "sackgirl"; but then I thought about that for a minute and realized Numbuh Three is my favorite Knd character. So I then created an account under the username "numbuhthreefan." Then I went back to google (after I did a little editing on Knd Wiki.) And I searched for Total Drama Wiki, because I wanted to see if this wikia existed; and it did. So I joined this wiki and started to edit the articles.

Wiki ♥

This next topic is going to be on what I did on/for the wiki, in the past two years. So let's start off with when first joined. Now I'm pretty sure a lot of you know I was a really big n00b back then, because I didn't know all these editing marks. Or what a mainspace edit was. In fact, I spent a lot of time on my user page back then and editing talk pages. My talk page edits were "ridiculously" high at one point.-But not anymore! I still put effort into article editing, but not as much as I do now.

Going into a couple months after I joined. I started to learn more about the wiki. I've also helped people out too. And I still do to this day. Yes, I do like to help people and give them advice.

So now let me tell you a story about how I discovered you can vote for featured things. After taking a look at the rules. I still didn't know on how this whole voting thing worked out. I even put my support votes in the opposing section, but not all the time. lol! Ok seriously... I'm pretty sure that's not something most users would "lol" about.-But it's true. And I know that was very n00bish of me to do that.

Still in the year of 2009. I've figured out how to undo things and access page history. (Actually someone told me how.) I learned that, because the page history is very useful. I think it's quicker to fix mistakes. Even I fixed a couple of my own mistakes a few times using the history.

On to my signature situation. I'm pretty sure most of you noticed that the date and time are not with most of my signatures. That's because I didn't know how to get date and time. And "nobody" even bothered to tell me how. Why is that? I would like a reason. So anyway, in the year of 2010. I started putting the date and time with my signatures. Yes! It took me that long to figure that out. Sad huh? Maybe not sad, but still.

So yeah.... I guess you would say I've done a lot for the wiki. Right? Currently, I'm on here almost everyday editing and I always follow the rules.


Moving on to my next topic; the IRC. Okey, I was hearing in the year of 2009. That there was an IRC. It was channel #TDIWF. (which is now banned, but that's another story.) Anyway, I didn't really know anything about it at the time. And most of everybody didn't even bother to tell me about it or ask me to come on. Why? I would really like to know why nobody told me. So can you please tell me? However, I did find out about it. But it was mostly just me finding out and I came onto #TDIWF one time. Though I didn't use lime font back then. I used magenta font.

Then in the year of 2010. I started coming to the IRC a little more. (channel #tdwiki) So then I decided to use lime font instead of magenta, because lime is one of my favorite colors. And no I'm not making this up. This is true.

Currently, I like using the catch phrases "Omglee" and "YRM". Now let me tell you about these catch phrases I use. Omglee is a remix of Omg. I took the O and the M and put them together with the word Glee. I did that, because I like the show Glee. Now for YRM.... It stands for Yippering Rainbow Monkeys. I came up with that, because Numbuh Three from Knd loves Rainbow Monkeys. And I got the yippering from a Knd episode. So I just put those words together to make a catch phrase.-But I don't really use Yippering Rainbow Monkeys that much anymore. I use more of Omglee. I'm sure that's pretty obvious to guess.

I guess that's all I wanna say for this section. Oh and my font will always be lime green. Case closed!

I'd like to thank.... ♥

(This section is some shoutouts I want to give a few users. Like thanking for the two years, helping me, etc. If your username isn't on here, don't get upset. I obviously can't mention all of you. I'm just mentioning the people that come to mind. No particular order.)

  • Freehugs41 - She helped me when I was first getting to know the wiki. With my signature, my thanks points page, and how to make userboxes. Thanks!
  • Webkinz Mania - You are always nice to me and helped me in the past. Thanks!
  • misstditylerfan - I remember helping you with your gallery, on your user page. You are always nice to me and in the year of 2009. We were next to each other on the wikia top editor list.
  • Shinneth - We may not see each other on the wiki that much; but I sometimes see her in the IRC.
  • TDIFan13 - You seem to be very nice to me. And I remember you telling me how to undo things by using "Page History." Thanks!
  • Kgman04 - You are a nice user. And I remember you supported my image in FI voting last year.
  • CD-TDA - Your active, helpful, and nice to me. I'm always seeing you in the IRC.
  • Lizcat68 - We were on the same team in Countdown to 10,000 season two together. Your also a nice user.
  • Stephen"Zap" - He may be inactive, but he is really nice to me, and we both like the show Codename Kids Next Door.
  • Bridgette dj10 - We're both Bridgette fans! :DDDD And you are a kind user.
  • Breakingmikey - I see you on the IRC a lot. You are nice and supported me in FU voting.
  • XoTulleMorXo - You might not be really active on the IRC, but you always seem to be really nice and helpful. I remember when you wrote a message on my talk page; when Editing Hound was being rude to me. Thanks for being so nice!
  • Musou - You are awesome and epic! :DDDDDD
  • Teardrop31 - Though she is new to the wiki. I told her about the IRC. I've also helped her with her signature (which looks awesome thanks to me). Anyway, I think she is a really nice user.

Goals ♥

Well, I guess I have a lot of accomplishments on the wiki. I have a lot of edits (in general). I was a season two competitor of Countdown Two 10,000. In fact after I was eliminated. A little while later. I came back! Eeeee! And made it to the finals. Eeeee! So anyway, I'm not an admin and/or rollback yet, but I really hope to be one of those someday. It has always been one of my wiki dreams to become an admin on a wiki; and it is quite obvious that I have my sights set on becoming one.

Now on to my Featured User Voting situation. On December 26, 2009 I wanted to run for Featured User. After looking at the rules. I still did not know how this whole voting thing worked out. So I put my username down.- But got nothing but opposes, and I wondered why. Then I found out that I wasn't really qualified to run yet back then. Sad huh? Now I definitely qualify to run!

Another thing that I've accomplished here on the wiki. Was getting 2,000 mainspace edits. Though I'm still working on getting 10,000 overall/total edits.

So yeah. I guess that's all I want to say for my goals. These are the goals I've achieved and want to achieve. I have lots of them. Oh and I nominated an image before, "Izzy Loses It On Set." And it won! Eeeee! I also nominated a song that has been featured; "This Is How We Will End It."

Trivia ♥

This next topic is something I'd like to call, trivia. What I mean by that is things not a lot of people know about me on the wiki, IRC, etc.

I had a lot of signatures in the past. Like 30 or something. :P Why didn't I run for Featured User earlier in winter of 2010? Because I wasn't able to run yet back then. Yes, I have been banned before, which was not good. :( (which probably prevented me from running back then) And I'm going any farther on that. I don't like to talk about it. So anyway, moving on. If any of you saw me using this symbol; ("D)B. Its a person rolling on the ground laughing and it appears to be like nobody gets it. Well let me explain. This, ( is the top of the head, " are the eyes, D is the mouth, ) is the bottom of the head, and B are the legs. Get it now? If you'd like me explain that symbol again, let me know in the IRC or on my talk page.

My first signature came out like this: NumbuhthreefanNumbuhthreefan - It was when I finally got the color working, but came out kind of weird with the date and time in the middle. I came to the IRC one time in winter of 2009. As I stated above in the IRC section. ^ Also in 2009. I didn't know what an admin or a mainspace edit was. lol

So yeah.... This is my two years being on the wiki. This wiki has really improved a lot since I first joined. Oh and I'm the 7th top editor (currently! =D) on the wikia's "Top Commuitey" list. And I didn't know I would still be coming here. This has been an awesome two years! Thanks guys! Feel free to comment below.... =)

~ numbuhthreefan Knd x Glee 18:57, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

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