Hello! As you all know June 14th is the day I joined the wiki and two other wikis (Knd & EEnE). Anyway, this day makes me feel very special on here. I came here as n00b and now I'm a rollback! :D I'm also really active too and put a lot effort into editing. So now let's move on to the rest of the blog.


Part 1
Numbuhthreefan was a,
n00b when she first joined,
her avatar wasn't even a coin,
she voted on the featureds in 09',
but she still didn't know how the voting worked,
and did not lie,
putting her support votes in the oppose section,
when she was new,
cause she didn't really have a good enough clue,
ran for the 2nd wiki president election,
including having her own section,
on the page,
don't use that font color beige,
cause it's too bright,
her font in the IRC was always light,
her edits were not as amazing as they are now,
if they weren't amazing she would have cow (lol),
she is also very fun to hang out and talk to,
because she hardly ever gets caught being rude,
numbuhthreefan is a helpful/hardworking user

Part 2
U is another letter of her username
Featured User winner
Neon color lover

♥Good Times♥

I sure had some good times on here and the IRC. So let's start out with the good times in 09'. 2009 was a pretty good year other then most people thinking of me as annoying. Such as asking questions and rambling on about stuff. But I was always helping people and being nice. 2010 was also a good year. More stuff was happening but that doesn't stop me from thinking of the good times. It was also the year I ran for the 2nd wiki president election with some good ideas. As well as coming to the Roundtable discussions. 2011 had some good times as well. There was a little bit more drama. But again that doesn't stop me or anyone from thinking about the good times we all had. It was the year I won Featured User for the month of August. Then 8 months later I became a rollback! Which I was very honored by that promotion. It has always been one of my wiki goals and I'm so proud to have achieved it. My current goals right now are to get a higher rank on the wiki's top community list (currently the 8th top editor), reach 10,000 overall edits, become an admin, etc.

♥User Shout-outs♥

I just wanna give a shout-out to all the people who have been very friendly and helpful to me. If your name isn't on here, don't get upset over it. I can't list all of you here. I can only list the people that come to mind. :p

So here is a shout-out to... WM, FH, Ryan, Jax, Ale, Neko, KG, Liz, Missy, Temi, TDN, Mocky, Bigez, Aimers, CD, Nalyd, Shin, MTDM, Rose, Mygeto, CF12, TDADJ, NIzzy, Intrudgero98, Batman, Dekota, Indi, Pinky, TDA15, Sierrastalker, AJ, Silver, Mariah, Ann, Psychid, EGBR, and anyone else who I forgot or did not mention.

I just like to thank each and every one of you for such an amazing three years on the wiki. It has been really nice and epic. This truly is a momentous occasion.

Thanks all! ^_^ NThree Talk to me! :3| 17:50, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

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