Hello everyone! Yes, I have decided to start doing reviews of the episodes. Though since I'm starting late I'm probably gonna cover the other episodes at the end of the season when I do an overall season review. Okay, this review is gonna be on Shawshank Ridonc-tion. By the way, these are gonna be more of section mini reviews, where I basically review the episodes in sections. I just think it'll be easier to do it like that. So anyway, let's get on with this before I make this a really long intro.

Okay, so I really liked this episode actually and thought it was pretty good. It starts off with the contestants getting their tips and boarding the bus, but they can't go anywhere until the last place team is aboard; the Ice Dancers.

So then the Ice Dancers board the bus, showing off their new attire which is basically their normal ice skating outfits, but in black with red vests. I personally actually liked their new costumes, as well as the sunglasses. The sunglasses actually suited them (in my opinion).

Then Carrie tells Kitty that she is gonna confess her feelings for Devin. Kitty then tries to tell Emma to confess her feelings for Noah, but Emma says she'll do it after the race. Okay, I personally thought that it was sweet to see Carrie say that she's gonna tell Devin. The real question is when is Devin going to actually listen to what she has to say? Since Carrie was trying to tell him, but at least she tried.

We also see that Lorenzo and Chet were actually talking and stopped hating each other. They even have some of the same interests. To be honest, I think that it was about time they stop bickering and actually talk to one another. Though they're not really that smart as to what I've been seeing from these two, but at least not hating on each other anymore. So yeah, I'm interested in seeing more from these two, despite not liking them very much.

We also have Emma and Kitty breaking into Noah and Owen's cell. I don't know about you, but I actually like how these four interact with one another. I also adore Nemma♡.

Now onto the Ice Dancers and Cadets. Their scenes were actually pretty good to be honest. I thought that the scene where Josee made MacArthur say those things about her and Jacques (well mostly her) was pretty hilarious. The boomerang scene was hilarious also. At first I thought the Cadets were gonna be neutral to me, but I actually like them. And I absolutely love the Ice Dancers. This episode made me like them even more. I actually think that Josee and Jacques & Sanders and MacArthur are probably gonna be in the blood bath- I mean final 2, but let's face it it'll probably be a blood bath. But then again it's pretty obvious that these two teams will probably make it to the end.

Also, we have that scene where Shelly (not sure how it's exactly spelled) breaks up with Devin for her tennis instructor. Then Carrie decided to wait to confess her feelings for him, because he was sobbing. I'm just curious to see how this is gonna play out. We'll just have to see. Though usually the producers like to push these kind of things till the end.

So that concludes my review. Feel free to comment below what your opinions are on the episode, characters, etc. Stay tuned for another review.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

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