Hey guys it's N3 and back with another Ridonculous Race review. This review focuses on the episode Maori or Less. (honestly, you all can tell by the title xD) Anyway, let's just get on with it.

So the episode starts with teams getting their tips and going to the train station. The first four teams get there, but due to Dwayne tiring out, him and Junior don't board. It leaves with the Goths, Haters, and Ice Dancers.

We then have the Sisters and Reality Pros. As you might know, these two teams are in my top five for favorite teams. I also absolutely adore Nemma and it was great to see them interact again. They literally almost kissed, but Geoff and Brody just had to interrupt that moment. I wish that they should've kissed, I mean it would've been so cute. I personally think that maybe they would finally kiss on one of their elimination episodes. You never know. But I hope they share a kiss soon.

We then have Don explaining the challenge and then when he finishes, he kinda hinted the non-elimination round in my opinion. I mean when he said "the last team to arrive maybe cut from the competition." Like just the way he said maybe kinda spoiled it, but that's just from my point of view.

On the second train we have the Surfer Dudes and Father and Son. Junior interacts with Geoff and Brody and Dwayne asks Brody for advice on how he can be cooler to his son. In the interview confessional Geoff says that Brody should be a guidance counselor due to it. Okay, Brody was just giving advice that's all, but that doesn't mean he should be a counselor. He wouldn't really make a good one tbh, because he's more of a party guy. But I guess I shouldn't really be going on about something this minor so moving on.

Onto the whole Carrie and Devin thing. I for one just felt like they were boring in this episode (well manly Carrie). I get that Devin's going through the stages of breakup right now, but he was angry the entire time and that's like the only reason they even finished the challenge. I felt like Carrie did barely anything. Anyway, we'll just have to see how this plays out. I still think they'll make till the end though. In fact that's probably when Devin will be in the final stage and then Carrie will finally tell him how she feels.

We then have Crimson and Ennui... doing absolutely nothing again. Though at this point it's probably a gag, as well as the silent thing.

Stephanie and Ryan were actually really annoying in this episode. I personally am annoyed by their constant fighting and arguing. I seriously hope they go soon, because I think they shouldn't be in any longer. I mean they were lucky enough to make through another episode. Though I have to admit that Ryan tricking Stephanie into putting the ankle collar on herself was pretty funny.

Then we have the Ice Dancers and Cadets. I feel like they didn't do much in this episode tbh, but the Ice Dancers did get back up to first place so yeah. Also, the rivalry between them and Sanders and MacArthur continues. Though let's face it, it'll probably continue till the end like I said in one of my previous reviews.

Now I want to talk about Dwayne and Junior and how I found something out about Dwayne. But first it starts by Dwayne showing Junior how he can be cool, but Junior isn't very fond of this apparently and later tells his dad that he isn't cool and never will be. Though he didn't really mean it like that. He just said that he's suppose to be pulling away a bit as to what the magazine he was reading said. Okay, so now I'm going onto what I actually fond out about Dwayne while I was watching the episode. You know the description said "Teams learn and perform a traditional Maori dance and someone makes a truly permanent mistake." You guys probably already know this, but it's probably Dwayne getting that permanent tattoo that only women get. So anyway, here's the theory. Could this possibly be Dwayne's karma for taking the Vegans' fossel? Because Laurie did tell him he'll be getting karma and this is probably it. What do you guys think? Do you think it's his karma or him just being stupid? I think it's his karma to be honest, though I could be wrong.

Okay, so that concludes my review. Hope you guys enjoyed and stay tuned for Little Bull on the Prairie.

Overall rating: 7/10

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