Hey guys! Welcome back to another Ridonculous Race review blog. This review is going to be on episode 17 Lord of the Ring Toss. Let's get started.

Okay, so in this episode teams must fly to the arctic circle, find a ring, and toss on the narwhal's tusk, but one member must toss as it is a Botch or Watch. They then must build an igloo for the second part of the challenge.

Okay, so we have Carrie and Devin, who Devin is reaching the next stage of heartbreak; grief and sadness. He also suggests forming an alliance with the Goths, though later on they rejected even though it looked tempting in Ennui's eyes. I think Carrie and Devin still have been boring in this episode. My opinion hasn't really changed on them since last time.

We have the Geoff and Brody, in which Geoff struggles a bit during the ring toss challenge. This is where the Ice Dancers (well Josee) start playing mind games with them. I think the Surfer Dudes did pretty well in this challenge and how Brody wasn't truly upset with Geoff at all. I liked how they worked together to build their igloo. Their first place was deserved as well.

Sanders and MacArthur I felt were kinda in the background this episode. They did work together though, but I felt like they didn't do much. Same for Emma and Kitty surprisingly. They didn't really do much either and in fact, they did less than the Cadets in my opinion. Also, now that Emma is focused on Noah most of the time, but also wants to focus on the game. Isn't it ironic that now Kitty has to keep Emma on track? When in the beginning Emma had to keep Kitty on track when she was taking selfies.

Now surprisingly there was no rivalry between the Ice Dancers and Cadets this episode. Though they did have some rivalry in Little Bull on the Prairie so yeah.

Owen and Noah were kind of in the background as well; however, I found it adorable that Noah made Emma that heart. ♥ That was cute.

As for Crimson and Ennui. I actually liked them a lot in this episode and how they just passed the Haters, taking the tip when they didn't even notice until Ryan did minutes later. I kinda found it funny how the narwhal just like came up to Ennui and then Ennui just dropped on its tusk. Though for the igloo part, I don't know about you, but they kinda just did their own thing. Like they used piles of snow instead of ice blocks and built a skull instead of building what they were suppose to build; a regular igloo. Yet they weren't penalized for it. Though I guess if they got a thumbs up from the local that means they're good to go.

Josee and Jacques were awesome as always and they start to sabotage teams. In this case, it's Geoff and Brody. Even though the mind games they played with them backfired. I'm just curious on what the Ice Dancers are gonna do next, I mean they were already pissed about coming in second.

Last but not least, I wanna talk about Stephanie and Ryan. Okay, so at first they get the tip with the boomerang, then Ryan finds a ring and fails on the first try when he tosses it at the narwhal. Once Ryan finally managed to get it on the narwhal's tusk him and Stephanie head for the next Don Box. This is the point where they can use the boomerang. Stephanie suggests to wait for another team so they can use it, and Ryan suggests to not use the boomerang and to keep going, because no other teams where there. So they then start to fight and argue which is still annoying to me. Then due to Stephanie's anger, she then boomerangs Ryan aka also boomeranging her own team. The Haters are then sent back, also putting them as one of the last place team. When they get there Stephanie finds a ring, throws it, but it barely even made it far. When I saw this I thought of how Harold threw the dodgeball in Dodgebrawl in TDI. XD

When Stephanie finally gets the ring on the narwhal, her, Ryan, and the Cadets race on their snowmobiles to the Chill Zone. They all got caught up in a giant snowball. When the snowball rolled to the Chill Zone, Sanders and MacArthur came out first. At this point I was thinking that Stephanie and Ryan can f**king finally go. But instead it was a non-elimination round so they're still in unfortunately. I hope they seriously get eliminated soon though. I mean I'm sick of the Haters right now, literally.

Also, everyone had lines is this episode. :)

That concludes my review on Lord of the Ring Toss. Hope you enjoyed!

Overall rating: 7/10

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