Hey, welcome back to another Ridonculous Race review. So let's just get started before I write up quite an intro.

So the teams go to Alberta, Canada for a wild west-themed challenge, having to eat a potful of pork and beans and survive riding a mechanical bull for eight full seconds.

It starts off by Carrie noticing that Devin moved from anger to stage three of heartbreak; desperation. So Devin admittedly becomes desperate and wants Shelley back. He even climbed the top of a tree for her. Okay, like how's that gonna win someone back? Though it's also showing he's that desperate. Also, I seriously hope Carrie tells Devin how she feels soon, unless she's waiting until he gets through the stages. Which means that they'll probably make till the end and that's when Devin will be in the final stage. Though I could be wrong, because for all we know it could be their elimination episode. Oh and Devin's kinda getting annoying now. I get he's going through stages, but still.

We have the second flight and see Dwayne and Junior watching Total Drama: Pahkitew Island on one of the TVs. I personally found it funny, since they were showing the Clucky scene where team Pimâpotew Kinosewak was getting zapped several times. Well, also because I found it funny back then too. Anyway, I'm actually glad that they'll referring back to older season's, but I wish they refer back to the earlier ones though. Though I was actually happy that we at least got some sort of cameo this season.

On the road, we see that the rivalry between the Ice Dancers and Cadets continue as usual, crashing into each others' vehicles. The Cadets were okay in this episode and MacArthur was more interesting then Sanders this time around. Then again, she kinda is always. As for the Ice Dancers. I kinda found them to be mostly in the background this episode. While they are my favorite pair, they just seemed like they didn't do much, not even try to sabotage a team besides go after the Cadets while driving. I did find Jacques' scream hilarious though and Josee saying "Are you finished?" when he was still screaming for a few seconds after the bull ride. They got 7th place this time around... And cheered!? I'm sorry, but I kinda found that OOC for them. I mean they weren't mad at all, nor did they (Josee) throw a rage fit, or say it was disgusting/failure to finish 7th. Unless the producers are trying to show that the Ice Dancers are not perfect. Also, Josee and Jacques could've cheered, because they're simply happy to still be in the race.

Geoff and Brody were actually pretty decent in this episode. Though in my opinion they took a little too long to get through the bull challenge. Although, Brody kept getting thrown off the bull. But still... I mean the way I see it, it looked like that Brody wasn't even trying to hold on until Geoff let him wear his hat. Well, at least they were able to pass, right?

Onto Noah and Owen & Emma and Kitty. I personally thought that Emma and Kitty were sort of in the background this episode, though they did get a lot of screen time last episode. We then see Emma start to feel concerned for Noah since he was in that shock. I did find it adorable on how Emma apologizes to Noah and gets him out of that depressed state. She tells him that she'll start dating after her team wins. I know you probably all know this, but I adore Nemma. As for Owen's side, I think he did okay in the challenge. Though he was basically doing everything, because of Noah. However, it was kinda gross how Owen blew a disgusting fart. I mean did we really need to see his a**? No, we didn't.

As for the Goths. Once again Ennui is silent and Crimson had the lines this time around. We actually get find out a little bit more about Crimson and that she talks about how she spent a lot of summers at her grandmother's. Crimson riding the bull was funny and one of the most funniest scenes of this episode.

Now onto the Daters or should I say Haters. They're fighting still annoys me and I really hope they f**king go soon. I mean seriously?! The only way they were able to pass the pork and beans challenge was by Ryan calling Stephanie a loser for being unable to eat a spoonful.

As for the elimination, I thought it was kinda sad to see Dwayne and Junior go. I thought they would make it further. Though I did kinda like their emotional bond at the end. Also, this probably could've been part of Dwayne's karma. I'm not 100% sure, but just how Dwayne made that tattoo mistake in the previous episode. Could it possibly be that it lead up to him and Junior's elimination in this episode? idk That was just a thought.

Anyway, this episode wasn't bad at all.

So yeah, other then that. I hope you enjoyed my review on Little Bull on the Prairie.

Overall rating: 8.9/10

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