Welcome back to another Ridonculous Race review. Only two more episodes to go before the season’s over sadly. But anyway, let’s just get started.

So in this episode the teams now have to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina. For an All-In challenge they have to perform a traditional tango and have it be approved by a local in order to get their next travel tip. Then in a Botch or Watch challenge, one of them have to ride a horse and tie boleadora around their respective emu. Then bring the emu to the Chill Zone. I thought this challenge was pretty interesting to say the least.

Now I’ll talk about Emma and Kitty first this time. They first start out by having the flight staff book the Ice Dancers and the Cadets in the back of the plane next to the restrooms. Both teams swear revenge later on. Anyway, I think this is one of their best episodes to be honest. We also see more of their conflict with the Ice Dancers and they did pretty well during the tango challenge, but the emu challenge was probably their better performance. I thought it was hilarious when Kitty took a selfie going down the hill with emu. Also, the emu’s expression was hilarious as well. It was also sweet that Emma shown concern for Kitty. Emma got really good development from this episode too. I can actually now see the Sisters in the final three.

The Ice Dancers were good in this episode in my opinion. We actually see Jacques doing the sabotaging this time instead of Josee coming up and doing everything. It was also funny how he slid off the horse and holding it by the tail. I also thought it was cute that Josee hugged Jacques and called him her hero after he got the emu. This episode they actually got first place and Don was… EXCITED? Like in the previous episode he wanted them eliminated and even dreamt about it. This time he acted completely the opposite. Or maybe it was because they didn’t really cheat in this episode. Yes, I’ve noticed that they didn’t really do any cheating in this episode. All they did was make it harder on Emma and Kitty by putting vegetable oil all over their emu.

The Cadets were good in this episode too. I found it funny when they were first doing the tango, but their version and the local’s reaction to it was funny as well. During the All-In, we have MacArthur struggling with the horse until Sanders steps in. Then Sanders was like “Now why won’t this stuff work on MacArthur?” (gee, I wonder why lol) At the end of the episode they place in second place behind Josee and Jacques.

We then have Carrie and Devin and as you all know they got eliminated. So during the tango, we have Devin who keeps f**king up and even gave Carrie a bloody nose. Then constantly hunting Carrie throughout the whole thing. A horse even kicked Carrie during the All-In. (OUCH! Was my reaction.) So anyways, the only thing I really even liked about them this episode was when they FINALLY got to tell each other that they love one another and that they got to share a kiss.

At the elimination we have Devin getting horribly injured, in which Devin says he can no longer compete in the race. Thus, causing him and Carrie’s elimination. Don then says that they have to pick any eliminated pair to take their place. They then end up choosing Geoff and Brody. I guess the Surfers returning is ok, but I was kinda hoping to see another team return. Though the Surfers are fine too. Though it would’ve been funny to have the Goths return, because they would get the call and they’d be like “Oh. Whatever.” XD

Anyway, that concludes my review on Last Tango in Buenos Aires. That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed.

Overall rating: 7/10

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