Welcome back to another RR review for How Deep is Your Love. It was a pretty interesting episode, so let’s just get onto the review.

So for this episode, teams must take a flight to Siberia, Russia to find their next clue. The challenge is that they have to ice sail to the next challenge while in their swimsuits. Then they have to be lowered down to collect a ball in an underground carven. I personally found the challenge just ok to be honest. I mean when I first saw that needed to be in their swimsuits, I was like “What?” Like what was the point of them being in swimsuits if all they were gonna do is be in ice yachts? It probably would’ve been better if they had a swimsuit challenge in a warmer climate. Though that’s just me. The second challenge was ok though and I didn’t really mind it all that much.

So anyway, I’m gonna talk about Stephanie and Ryan first this time. I felt like they just went back to their annoying selves again. Though Ryan was a little better this time and I liked his interaction/friendship with Carrie. Stephanie on the other hand, was a b**ch as usual.

Carrie and Devin were a bit boring this episode. In my opinion, I feel like that this was the episode (or one of them) that they were the most boring in. They didn’t really do anything and the part about Devin liking unibrows wasn’t really that funny either. The only thing Carrie did was help Kitty out by giving her her light.

As for Emma and Kitty, I think they were good in this episode. They are also one of my favorite teams. Though (I’m not trying to go off of anyone else, cause I have my own opinion.) I felt like it was a bit OOC for Kitty to say “News flash: No one cares.” to the Ice Dancers. In fact that was the main cause of their conflict with one another. Emma took part in mocking the skaters too, but Kitty’s is what started it. I never really pegged Kitty as a character to start a conflict like that. I did like their performance though.

Now I know that many people don’t like the Ice Dancers, but as you all know I love them. However, I do have to admit of what Josee did to Kitty by smashing her light was a little cruel, I’m sorry but that was just wrong. Other then that I thought they were ok in this episode. Also, the rivalry between them and the Cadets still continues (obviously). Anyway, I know I’m probably gonna be one of the few people to want to see this, but I actually want to see them in the finale.

Last but not least, we have Sanders and MacArthur. They were, in my opinion the best team this episode. I didn’t know what was up with me, but I almost cried when MacArthur accidently broke Sanders’ arm. It was just a heartwarming moment. I’m happy that they got to stay and didn’t get eliminated. This ends my review on How Deep is Your Love. Well, that’s all folks, hope you enjoyed!

Overall rating: 7.5/10

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