Hey. Welcome back to yet another Ridonculous Race review. Also, I know you've been noticing that these reviews have been going up kinda late. (Hence this going up during today's episode. Well, when I started typing it.) I apologize for this, but I'll get these reviews up whenever I can do so. Because I've got things to do irl and I get busy too. So I hope you understand the lateness, but hey at least they're going up. Right? So let's just get into the review.

Okay, so the episode starts off with Geoff and Brody, who won in the last episode, getting the tip from the Don Box. Geoff makes swan out of ice for Jacques and Josee, whose attempt at manipulation aka mind games backfired, and the Surfers think it has made them stronger. The Ice Dancers are then shown to be pissed off in the interview confessional, with Josee saying that she'll destroy the Surfers. Jacques then says it's their own fault for trying to play mind games with them. We then have Stephanie ranting about how she boomeranged her own team. Then Ryan figures out how one-up Steph by agreeing with her.

For the challenge, the teams must fly to Flores, Indonesia on three cargo planes. However, the narwhals end up popping the tires due to being mad about the whole ring-toss challenge. They then all go on one plane. When they get there they have to collect Komodo Dragon saliva in a vial and for the second part, find a rug with the Ridonculous Race logo on it.

So we have Devin and Carrie, with Devin still going through that depressed stage, piquing interest of the Goths. When Devin reaches another stage of heartbreak, Carrie says that when the time is right she's gonna tell him how she feels. Okay, they have been less boring in this episode in my opinion, but I do feel like they were in the background a lot this episode.

I guess I'll talk about Stephanie and Ryan next. They're still annoying as usual; however, I did find it funny how Stephanie was beating the Komodo dragon with a stick. Seriously though, I wanna see them get eliminated soon.

Onto Emma and Kitty... I actually liked them in this episode and Nemma is cute as always. We then see suggesting that her and Emma do the challenge without Owen and Noah considering how Emma gets distracted by Noah. Noah actually agrees with Kitty a little on that one. Overall I thought Emma and Kitty did pretty decent in this episode. Also, I found it adorable that Emma and Noah finally kissed before his and Owen's departure.

For the Cadets, we actually find out a bit of their backstories this episode during the scene where their caught in tree, because they're afraid of the Komodo dragons. We even find out MacArthur's real name, which is Valentina Escobar and that "MacArthur" is just her fake name. Sanders on the other hand, told MacArthur that she was at a fast-food restaurant and she ordered a burger and fries. They only charged Sanders for the burger and not the fries and she never went back. Oh and how MacArthur braided her air pit hair was really gross. Like "disgusting!" was my reaction. Like don't you shave at all? But anyway, I liked their interaction with the Surfers and how they worked together.

Speaking of Surfers that's who I'm gonna talk about next. I actually found it funny how they thought the Komodo Dragons can breath fire. Omg... Komodo Dragons can't breath fire. I mean they're not fantasy for crying out loud, they're reptiles. Anyway, during the tree scene Brody comes up with an idea for him, Geoff, and the Cadets to get the saliva. His idea was to hail a taxi, have the guy roll down his window, get the Komodo Dragon to it, and roll up the window also choking the dragon to make him spit venom. Omg... That poor taxi driver must've been terrified to have a venomous creature in your car. Well, at least the plan worked.

As for the Ice Dancers, we have Josee saying that she wants to give up on the challenge and start sabotaging the other teams. Though Jacques does not approve of this, because of how their mind games backfired. When they were trying to get the venom, Jacques is nervous about facing the Komodo Dragon, as he's "dealt with Josee for years." Josee overhears what he says, glaring at him as he attempts to get the venom, failing again due to a stampede of komodo dragons thanks to the “Komodo-rant” worn by the Goths. I personally loved the Ice Dancers in this episode. Btw, Josee was a crazy psycho (aka rage) when they got second place... again. Though I'm not saying I liked that though (because really liking rage is weird and ya know, and makes you look psycho). I meant their performance in the challenge.

Crimson and Ennui weren't bad in this episode at all. In fact this one of their best episodes in my opinion. I also liked their lines as well, as their lines are always interesting. Actually they're an interesting pair overall. I'm beginning to like them a lot more now. Oh and I adore Loki.

Okay, so onto Noah and Owen. They got delayed in the challenge, because Owen decided to disguise himself as a Komodo Dragon to get the venom. This was going on for several minutes. When they finally got to the second part of the challenge; finding the rug. Owen ended up finding it yet all the others toppled down, burying Noah. When the rest of the players reached the Chill Zone, Don walked over and said they're out of the race. Emma ran over and started to look for Noah and said she wanted to kiss. At that point Noah immediately popped out from the carpets. Noah and Emma finally share a kiss and as I said before, thought that was adorbs. It was kinda sad to see Noah and Owen go though.

As Noah and Owen were walking, Noah tells Owen that they've been asked to do another reality show. But a fuzzy screen cuts him off. Could this be that they're gonna be on another season of Total Drama? What do you think?

So yeah, that concludes my review on Got Venom. Stay tuned for more RR episode reviews.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

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