Hello TDWiki users! Welcome back to another review! So without further ado, let’s just get into the review on El Bunny Supremo.

So the competitors go to Acapulco, Mexico this episode. Teams must also take a chicken bus to get there. While on the bus, Geoff and Brody eat a meal of chimichanga and burritos. When they get there they immediately run behind a bush in need to go to the bathroom, because of the burritos. Josee and Jacques find a way to sabotage Crimson and Ennui, and reason their weakness is Loki. They (Jacques) actually manages to kidnap Loki by intentionally tripping, knocking Ennui over. Okay, I thought that was so sad and cruel.

Don then explains the challenge. The challenge is that the contestants must eat one of the three peppers, the really hot pepper, the medium pepper, and the mild pepper. If they eat the really hot pepper, then their partner must jump from the lowest point of the cliff. If they eat the medium pepper, then they need to jump from the second highest point. If they chose to eat the mild pepper, then their partner to basically jumping from the sky. Or space station as to what Don calls it. When they’re done eating whatever pepper they must wave a flag so their partner can jump. For the second part of the challenge, teams must ride burros two miles south to the Chill Zone.

I guess I’ll start off with Stephanie and Ryan. Stephanie once again was a… let’s say b**ch. Well, at least to Ryan. Though I did like Carrie’s interaction with Ryan and how she helped him jump of the cliff. I also laughed when Ryan was the one screaming. Also, I feel like the Haters should’ve been out like five episodes ago. The Best Friends and Haters each tied for fourth place.

Speaking of Best Friends, Carrie and Devin are who I’m gonna talk about next. Okay, so we know that Devin couldn’t see for the second part of the challenge and Carrie had to help him. Once again, we have Devin trying to tell Carrie how he feels about her and Carrie getting over him again. In my opinion, at this point I think that they probably will be in the finale. I’m really curious if they’ll ever tell each other how they feel soon.

The Sisters I felt were kind of in the background this time around and didn’t do much. They did do good in the challenge though. Geoff and Brody could’ve did better though, but I understand that it was because of the burrito.

Sanders and MacArthur were awesome in this episode and came in first. MacArthur’s interaction to the pepper was funny as well and how she literally through Sanders back in the water, telling her not to come back without milk. MacArthur carrying the burro was caused by motivation by the Ice Dancers penalty, because she wanted to beat them and because of the obvious rivalry. Actually, MacArthur was the more interesting cadet overall this episode.

As for Josee and Jacques, as much as I like this pair, I felt like it was kind of mean that they kidnapped Loki. Though at least that they’re starting to sabotage some teams. Anyway, their overall performance in the challenge wasn’t bad; however, they did get a 10 minute penalty for not arriving with the burros. Now this certainly shows that the Ice Dancers aren’t perfect. Well, at least Don didn’t just let them side without one.

So anyways, onto Crimson and Ennui. It was sad to see them eliminated, but some of their reactions to stuff in the challenge was funny. Like Crimson’s reaction to the pepper. She paused for a few seconds after eating it and then just said “Ow.” Yes, I actually lol’ed at that part. When they finished the first challenge they started looking for Loki, after Ennui realizes he was missing. Loki did come back to them on the burros and they then started heading to the Chill Zone. Yes, I still find Loki adorable.

Anyway, that concludes my review on El Bunny Supremo. Hope you enjoyed. ;)

Overall rating: 8.5/10

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