Hello. Welcome back! Okay, so you're probably all wondering why the review for Dude Buggies is up so late. It's because I was a bit busy this week and didn't really find myself having the time to sit down and review. After all, I said I would get these up when I can, but not too far from the episode. Oh and the review for the next episode; El Bunny Supremo is going up at the same time as this review. I'm sorry, but I'm not trying to rush the reviews or spam wiki activity or anything, but I was just given you a heads up. They're mini reviews anyway so… Yeah, let's just get right into the review.

Okay, so in this episode the teams go to Las Vegas and book a cab to the location of their next clue. We then see the Ice Dancers intentionally run into the cab the Goths were in, due to them being mad at the Goths because they came in first place in the previous episode.

We then have Devin and Carrie (and yes, I’m talking about them first again. Lol) and in this episode it looks like that Devin has finished going through all the stages of grief. Then we have Carrie saying that she’s waiting for the perfect moment to tell Devin how she feels. Later on in the episode Carrie starts to get over Devin, as Devin starts to realize that he loves Carrie. Okay, these two are somewhat boring, but I really want to see how this is all gonna play out. I’m also pretty sure I’m not the only one who wants to see them tell one another how they feel. Towards the end I thought Devin and Carrie were going to get eliminated since they in last. However, it actually turned out to be a non-elimination.

Onto the Stephanie and Ryan… and I feel like they were kind of in the background and still annoying to me as always. Surprisingly, I don’t really have much to say about them, even though they had a part in the challenge. Well, moving on…

Geoff and Brody were the first to complete the dune buggie challenge, but instead of heading to the Chill Zone, they decided to take a joyride in them. Even when other teams begin to show up. Later on they switch places and continue to joyriding. By the time the other teams who chose to do buggies finished up, they were ‘’still’’ f**king around. Okay, in my opinion they just purely wasted time. I mean they had a great lead! Until they decided to joyride, but I do get that they were just having fun.

Now I’m going to talk about Emma and Kitty, as well as Sanders and MacArthur. Starting with Emma and Kitty, we at first see Emma going into a Noah daze in the beginning of the episode with Kitty having to slap her every time she goes into one. At the Don Box Emma goes into yet another Noah daze and talks about how they would love to do the magic show. Kitty slaps her and they then go to buggies. At the dune buggie challenge Emma puts Kitty in charge of the controller, due to Kitty being better at videogames. Because you know, Kitty use to be obsessed with them. I personally didn’t really find Kitty the videogame type, but it’s interesting to know a little more about her background. Sanders and MacArthur were pretty interesting in this episode. MacArthur’s smash up with Kitty was also interesting.

Now onto the Ice Dancers. Yes, they’re still amazing and I found it funny how every time they took a turn at the magic show Jacques had a different body part in the lion’s mouth. Please don’t judge me, I actually lol’ed. Though when they switched challenges they were kinda falling behind, but managed to beat the Best Friends to the Chill Zone.

And last but defiantly not least, Crimson and Ennui. They actually did pretty well this episode despite being silent. Even though the thing with Loki hopping right into the lion’s mouth. It was kinda cool how Ennui reached in its mouth to pull him out. The lion was actually staying still too omg. Also, I liked how they just quietly walked up to the Chill Zone and took first place.

So yeah, that concludes my review on Dude Buggies. Sorry, that this is going up so late like three days after the episode.

Overall rating: 7/10